• Apr 25
    Application of Lenses of Detection

    With the development of society, the level of medical care is constantly improving. Now when it comes to detecting scopes, we think of gastroscopes and colonoscopy. You might think that these are technologies that have only appeared in modern times.

  • Apr 19
    Blu-spec CD--Let You Enjoy HD at Home

    With the continuous development of science, film and television technology is also changing. The emergence of Blu-spec CD brings new audio-visual enjoyment to consumers. From video recorders to VCD, w...

  • Apr 18
    How Does the Wii Sensor Bar Work

    Nowadays, NINTENDO is popular with the public. It has large player teams all over the world. Wii is its home game console model. It has the same pronunciation of “we” and emphasizes that the whole fam...

  • Apr 17
    The Heated Keyboard

    In winter, because of cold, most of friends feel their fingers stiff and inconvenient. Especially, when they use computer to play games or typing. The inflexibility of their fingers result in bad cond...

  • Apr 16
    Application of Liquid Nylon

    Although there are many types of coatings available on the market at present. But demanding jobs require high-end coating products. There is a key coating product that can meet many requirements. That...

  • Apr 15
    Principle of Magnetic Refrigeration for Compressor Free Refrigerator

    We all know that there are refrigerators, freezers, conditioners, and other electrical appliances. Compressors are the core components of their refrigeration and heating systems

  • Apr 14
    How to Choose the Gyro Skateboard

    With improvement of people's living standards, demand for health is getting higher. Modern young people also like to play gyro skateboarding, which is actually roller-skating. Roller-skating is de...

  • Apr 13
    What is a Nano Bomb

    Carbon nanotube is a one-dimensional quantum material with a special structure. It is mainly a coaxial round tube composed of carbon atoms arranged in a hexagonal shape. Its radial dimension is on the order of nanometers. The axial dimension is on the order of microns.

  • Apr 12
    Manufacturing Method of Motion Sensor Fan

     It was March in an instant, and the hot summer began to count down. Many people cannot live without air conditioning in summer. But compared to air conditioners, electric fans are also unique an...

  • Apr 09
    The Advantages of VIZIO Plasma Television

    Nowadays, all of us are in an era of being surrounded by screens. We have a TV screen at home and a computer screen in the office. And also, there is a mobile phone screen in our pocket at any time. We spend a lot of time on all kinds of screens every day. The ubiquitous screens are affecting all aspects of our lives.