How Much Do You Know About It? Environmental Friendly and Beautiful Bamboo Keyboard

With the development of the Internet, it is really common that every family has a computer. The computer is equipped with the display screen, host and keyboard. Anyone who has used a computer knows that the keyboard and mouse are plastic products. Have you ever seen a bamboo keyboard?

Features of Bamboo Keyboard

Bamboo keyboard is innovative, made from natural bamboo through various processes. Its appearance is novel and unique, beautiful and elegant, noble and elegant. It adds an ornamental value to the keyboard on the basis of practicality. Bamboo can better absorb ultraviolet, benefiting for the health of the users. Bamboo has an elegant color, and a soft and warm appearance, satisfying people’s increasing pursuit of life. Meanwhile, natural bamboo has excellent texture. Besides, it is warm in winter and cool in summer. It can absorb sweat and prevent slipping. So it has won a large number of consumers since it came out. 

Bamboo keyboard is compatible with operating systems such as WINDOWS/Mac os. The faint blue light of the scroll wheel and the red light from the bottom of the mouse are mixed in harmony. Bamboo keyboard adopts the latest optical sensor technology design. It has high resolution and scanning rate so that the mouse can be accurately positioned. Its press key switch can be touched for 10 million times, and is sensitive. Its life span is much longer than that of plastic keyboard. Bamboo keyboard is comfortable to hold, flexible to operate, and quick to type. The fatigue caused by operating the mouse can be greatly reduced. It has a silent design and people can work at night.

Manufacturing Process of Bamboo Keyboard

The bamboo keyboard replaces plastic with bamboo. It was developed by Chinese companies after three years of technical research. With 3 national invention patents and 4 utility model patents, it creates a history that keyboard production uses bamboo as raw material. The manufacturing process of the keyboard is a very complicated process.

First of all, the bamboo keyboard is made of pure natural bamboo, bamboo with sufficient hardness and density for more than 5 years in general. The bamboo is transported to the factory area for cutting, opening, drying, and fine milling, and then fine grinding. Next, the process of forming, sanding, and painting the primer is required. Since the keyboard and mouse cannot be mechanically polished inside, they must be finely polished and smoothed manually with emery cloth.

Then it needs to go through more than 40 processes such as hot pressing, flat stack pressing for keys, engraving and coating, and assembling with conductive film. Finally, the frame, bottom plate, and keys with natural bamboo materials will replace traditional plastic keyboard.

Advantages of Bamboo Keyboard

In particular, every character on the bamboo keyboard is engraved by laser. Because characters printed with ink or chemical dyes will be damaged and peeled off over time. In order to ensure the effect of the keys, characters on each key on bamboo keyboard are all carved by laser engraving process. It will be brand new after many years. It will not fall off or be worn off.

Bamboo keyboard has low percussive sound and has a natural constant temperature performance. It can effectively avoid static electricity when used. It also helps to extend the service life of the keyboard electronic components. It is better than the plastic keyboard what we use today. Bamboo keyboard also has special functions that plastic keyboards cannot have. It can prevent radiation and static, and relieve fatigue. This is why bamboo keyboards have more and more users.

Technology for making keyboard and mouse is quite mature. But using bamboo to make a keyboard and mouse is an innovative attempt. The biggest selling point of such an innovation is environmental protection, especially in developed countries such as Europe and the United States. Environmental-friendly products are often the most popular there. When the unspectacular bamboo is processed into a keyboard or a mouse, it is simple and unique as a whole, exuding a natural and fresh vitality. It can add a fresh and bright color to our busy and cumbersome life.

Till now, bamboo keyboards and mice produced are basically exported to the United States, South Korea, the United Arab Emirates and other countries. At the same time, they are also negotiating cooperation with well-known computer companies such as Lenovo. In view of the excellent characteristics of bamboo keyboards and bamboo mice, such as good hand feeling, convenient use, low cost, and environmental protection, global promotion is imperative. In the future, computer mainframes, display screen shells, etc. will also be gradually involved. Computers will “put on” a full set of environmental protection clothing.

Health and environmental protection has always been an indispensable part of Chinese traditional culture. The combination of ecology and technology is more environmental-friendly. Integration with Chinese culture is more charming. The combination of bamboo and wireless keyboard and mouse is both environmental-friendly and comfortable. It not only conforms to the Chinese people’s love for traditional culture, but also conforms to the modern environmental protection and sustainable development strategy. Bamboo keyboard is worthy of everyone to have a try.