Product Experience of Xiaomi Foldable Mobile Phone

In fact, the warm-up for Xiaomi's foldable mobile phone started in 2019 as early as 2019. Xiaomi President Lin Bin once posted a video on his personal Weibo. He officially announced that the first Xiaomi foldable mobile phone will be launched soon. This Xiaomi foldable phone uses a symmetrical external folding that is rare in the industry. This is also the world's first dual-folding mobile phone. It overcomes many technical problems such as flexible folding screen, four-wheel drive folding hinge, flexible cover, and reasonable additional adaptation. However, the specific release information at that time has not yet been announced.

Today, Xiaomi has released the Xiaomi MIX FOLD series. This series of Xiaomi foldable mobile phones is called the first foldable mobile phone for young people. Its hands-on

experience has also received much attention.

The shape design and weight experience of Xiaomi foldable mobile phone

The first is the hands-on experience. The Xiaomi foldable phone is particularly slender when being folded. Its external screen size is 27:9, the internal is an 8.01-inch screen, and the ratio is 4:3. The first impression after unfolding the mobile phone is that the screen size is very similar to iPad. The weight of the Xiaomi foldable phone is 310 grams. This is more standard for a folding screen mobile phone. The external screen design of Xiaomi's foldable mobile phone is different from that of normal mobile phones. The overall display is very narrow. Therefore, it is more convenient to scan Weibo or information flow.

Material and details of Xiaomi foldable phone

Secondly, in terms of appearance, this Xiaomi foldable phone has two shell designs: glass plate and ceramic plate. On the shape of the ceramic version, the back has a fine texture. When the screens are closed, there is a gap between the two screens. It forms a small buffer zone just like a4 paper. On the frames, the entire phone is also relatively rounded frames. The design is soft. There is a lens module on the back of the Xiaomi foldable phone. Its design also continues the style of Xiaomi. This time the lens module also uses a liquid lens. What is a liquid lens? The explanation is actually very simple. It’s a lens that allows a telephoto lens and a macro lens to coexist. This design can reduce the volume of a lens. Below the 100-megapixel lens is a 13-megapixel wide-angle lens. From the perspective of lens, the configuration of the 4-camera lens of the Xiaomi foldable phone is very complete.


In addition, in terms of chips, this time the emphasis is on Peng Pai chips. And the chip in imaging is Peng Pai ce. But usually, the users would not care. After the Xiaomi foldable screen is unfolded, there is no lens inside. So, if you take a selfie, you have to use an external screen. At the same time, the Xiaomi foldable phone cannot be hovered at any time after it is opened. Only one ridge is set on the fuselage, and the other part is active. Looking around the Xiaomi foldable phone, you will find that almost all the fuselages are open holes. There are also 4 speakers, two 1210 and two 1216. This is not a mobile phone-level speaker, even similar to PAD. On the battery, the Xiaomi foldable mobile phone uses a 5020 ml battery. This is an increase of 20 ml over the previous period. At the same time, it is 67 watts of charging.

The inner screen and heat dissipation of Xiaomi foldable mobile phone

In fact, for a foldable mobile phone, everyone has almost explored the shape. Inward folding is basically the focus of everyone's attention. For example, this time, the phone has a very big characteristic. When using this phone in the horizontal screen, swipe or tap it with your hand. It can change the PC mode and turn it into a computer completely. It can be said that this design can make full use of the design function of the large folding screen. Click Exit to restore normal phone functions. In terms of screen protection, Xiaomi's foldable phone still uses a flexible protection method. It has a 2K+6HZ screen, and the visual experience is good. In terms of mobile phone creases, this time the phone still has obvious screen creases. This is a problem that many folding screen mobile phones cannot avoid. Although the crease is more obvious when viewed from the side. But the vision is still acceptable. Xiaomi foldable mobile phone also has a new attempt in terms of heat dissipation. The side graphite processing technology prevents the heat dissipation of the mobile phone from being reduced over time. It is estimated that the addition of this kind of heat dissipation technology will help. It can reduce the heat dissipation capacity of Xiaomi foldable mobile phone by only 3%-5% after one year of use.

As far as the first Xiaomi foldable phone is concerned, its completion is relatively high. Not only does it have its own thoughts about software, it also achieves the flagship level in hardware. Although in terms of the lens, there is no way to make it thin and light. But the addition of liquid lenses has shown the brand's greatest sincerity. Compared with other folding screen phones, the price of Xiaomi folding screen phones is still competitive. Therefore, it can be called "the first mobile phone for young people" for a reason. If you are very interested in foldable phones, but you don't have much money. Then, the Xiaomi foldable phone is a mobile phone that can be used for introductory experience. At present, the update iteration speed of the mobile phone market is very fast. We also look forward to seeing more cost-effective innovative attempts in addition to Xiaomi's foldable phones.