How to Choose the Gyro Skateboard

With improvement of people's living standards, demand for health is getting higher. Modern young people also like to play gyro skateboarding, which is actually roller-skating. Roller-skating is derived from the ice. And it was included in the competition in the 2008 Olympic Games. This development makes roller-skating to a higher level. At present, the domestic and international roller-skating events are increasing. And the roller-skating sports are becoming more and more professional. The selection of good gyro skateboard equipment is becoming more and more important.

1. How to Choose the Size of Gyro Skateboard Equipment

First of all, in order to meet the needs of children at different stages of development. Roller skates can be used for as long as possible. Therefore, the children's gyro skateboard equipment is adjustable. And it is usually divided into three code segments: S, M, and L. If distinguished according to age, 3-5 years old is suitable for S code. 6-8 years old is suitable for M code. And 9-12 years old is suitable for L code. Usually, the size of children's gyro skateboard equipment is smaller than what we usually wear. Of course, each gyro skateboard equipment has its own adjustable yardage. S code is usually 27-30, M code is 31-34, L code is 35-38. According to experience, kindergarten children usually buy S code.

2. How to Distinguish the Quality of Gyro Skateboard Equipment

First of all, the price should not be too cheap. The prices of the major brands in the roller- skating industry have a market standard. And the equipment suitable for long-term wear will not be less than 350 yuan. Although some parents may find it expensive. High-quality gyro skateboard equipment is indeed more secure to their children's health. And poor-quality gyro skateboard equipment is too harmful to their children.

The second is to choose the tool holder correctly. Children's gyro skateboard equipment is divided into separated tool holder and integrated tool holder. Most of the separated tool holders are made of aluminum alloy. Please do not mind choosing heavier shoes for children until they are 5 years old. Usually heavy roller-skating shoe tool holder accounts for a large proportion. The integrated tool holder is usually made of plastic tool holder. And the shoes are relatively light. And shoes do not easily cause children to step on the edge when taxiing.

In addition, we should also pay attention to the choice of wheels and bearings. Wheels are generally divided into polyester and PVC materials. And polyester has high elasticity and wear resistance, which is commonly as rubber wheels. The wheels made of PVC material are stiff. They have less friction with the ground and make a lot of noise. There are more gyro skateboards on the market equipped with wheels with lights. But in fact, flash wheels rely on friction to glow will affect taxiing sensitivity. Once inflexible will cause children to glide very hard. At the same time, the thickness of the wheel becomes thinner due to the flash. In turn it will shorten the service life of the flash wheel.

Healthy and happy roller-skating requires parents to take the purchase of equipment seriously. Good equipment will cultivate a children's interest. Gyro skateboard equipment is composed of more than 100 parts. In order to use good materials and layout, cost must be at a high level. If the equipment is rougher, it will affect the development of the child's legs.