What are the Advantages and Disadvantages of thei7 mini pc?

In the past, the desktop computer was the boss of the PC field. However, it was limited by its large and heavy shape, and was exceeded by the notebook. After a few years of prosperity, notebooks also encountered bottlenecks. The tablet computer almost robbed the market. Today’s PC field is marvelous. Now, there is a computer with invincible portability, that is, the mini computer. This type of mini computer occupies a small space. Many are equipped with a Core i7 processor, so its performance is not weak. It can even be used as an HTPC or a living room game console. It can also try various non-Windows operating systems. What are the advantages of thisi7 mini pc?

(1) Small and portable

Small and portable is the biggest feature of a mini computer. After all, the volume of a mini computer is only 1/30 of the volume of a traditional desktop host. Its thickness is similar to a 300-page book. Its length and width are as large as A5 paper. Therefore, it is also called a “book computer”. Of course, on the market, there are also mini-computers which are smaller than books. For example, a computer stick, which is the size of a U-disk, is more convenient to carry.

(2) Save space resources

Because the mini computer is small, it will not be limited by space. It can be at every small corner of the room. It can also be fixed with a special hanger behind the monitor or TV screen, making the desktop clean and tidy. In modern life, resources are limited; housing prices and land rents continue to rise. The miniaturization of office equipment and household appliances is catering to people’s needs.

(3) Stylish and beautiful

People are tired of the old-fashioned styles of most traditional large desktop hosts. However, mini computers are fashionable and novel in their appearance. It is also compact and exquisite. No matter where they are placed, they are very artistic and bring a more enjoyable experience to our life and work. 

(4) Low power consumption, energy saving and power saving

Its host uses a low-power processor. Thermal design power consumption TDP is generally around 10W-17W. The power consumption of the traditional large desktop host is 10 times or more than the mini host.

(5) Quiet and environmental-friendly

The rumbling noise of traditional large desktop computers has seriously affected the users experience, while the mini-computer adopts a fanless heat dissipation design and basically runs with zero noise. It brings a quiet experience for our work and life, and is deeply loved by people.

(6) Strong performance

After several years of exploration and accumulation, mini computers have tended to mature. At present, mosti7 mini pcs can meet the basic needs of 70% of users for office and entertainment, especially those with high configuration and unique display mini hosts. It is not inferior at all in terms of overall performance 

(7) Cost-effective

The price of Intels several mini-PCs is very high. Apart from them, other brands of mini-computers are generally within 1,000 to 3,000 yuan. The price of a higher configuration generally does not exceed 5,000 yuan. 

(8) Graphics card

The current weakness of the mini host is undoubtedly graphics card. Since the mini host is designed to be small, it naturally sacrifices the performance elements of the host when controlling the heat. Most mini hosts on the market Mini use integrated graphics instead of independent graphics, so mini hosts with integrated graphics will be a bit difficult when dealing with large gun battle games. Of course, there is no pressure in small stand-alone games and playing 1080P high-definition video.

(9) Post-sale

When mini hosts have post-sale problems, users need to send them back to the factory for repairing. Many computer repair shops still cannot provide technicians and technical services for mini host maintenance. After all, the market for mini computers has just opened up. Post-sale always lags behind product sales. It requires time to accumulate technical services.

(10) Heat dissipation

Heat dissipation is an issue. Regardless of software update or hardware update, most mini hosts can achieve long-term stable operation. For example, the thermal design power consumption TDP is generally around 10W-17W.

In recent years, more and more brands have poured into the “mini computer” market. Usually used as the second or even third computer mainframe in the family, the mini computer is more used for home entertainment. All in all, the advantages of thei7 mini pc are its small size, exquisite appearance, little space, and easy portability. It can meet daily office needs and general audio-visual entertainment. Its disadvantages are: its internal space is small; the heat dissipation problem leads to weak performance and the inability to match the discrete graphics card. However, since it is a mini computer, we should use it in a mini manner. It is impossible to be the same as an ordinary desktop computer.