What is an uncrewed game?

Uncrewed games are relative to encrypted games. Crewed game refers to a new type of online game based on blockchain. The concept of uncrewed games is not well understood. It is not a new engine that will change the future of the game either. 

Uncrewed games——the history of games

As the foundation of uncrewed games, they have a great importance. In the first stage of the development of crewed games, Crypto Kitties opened the door to the world of encrypted games. Just like in 1997, when the game-- Snake was introduced to Nokia mobile phones, it opened the door to mobile games. In November 2017, the Ethereum-based Crypto Kitties opened the door to crewed games. Crypto Kitties is the first game on the blockchain. This is a pet building game, including buying, breeding, and selling. Less than a month after its release, it has already attracted millions of users. The token used by this encrypted game value exchange is Ethereum. According to reports, less than a month after the game was released, the most expensive transaction reached US$114,481.59. It’s about 750,000 yuan. The selling price of each work has exceeded 200,000 US dollars. In China, there are Xiaomi’s Crypto rabbit, Baidu’s Letsdog, 360’s Cube cat and so on. A large number of capital games appeared in the second stage. Capital game is a game that attracts a certain amount of money from users. Users use their money for various activities, such as gambling and lottery draws. The developer gets a certain fee from it. The emergence of this kind of game set off a wave of heat and became a hot spot in the crewed game industry. Even now, it is very popular. In the third stage, crewed games are constantly being updated with the continuous development of technology. As we all know, crewed games are run on the blockchain system. In the early days of crewed games, they generally ran on the three major public chains. However, as crewed games become more and more a key game field, there are more and more game public chains designed purely for games. Now the representative game chains are LOOM, MagnaChain, GCC, GAIAWORLD, etc.

Uncrewed game--what is the game chain

If compared with the current traditional game industry, then the game chain can be simply understood as a large-scale game platform. There can be many different kinds of games in this game platform. However, what is different from traditional game platforms is that the various games in this game chain are connected to each other. For example, the virtual currency you get in this card game can be used in another shooting game. This game is built on this public chain. Then buy the gun you want and so on. The current stage is the stage of transformation from traditional large-scale gaming institutions to blockchain gaming platforms. It can be seen that although crewed games have not been born for a few years, they are becoming the next superstar in the gaming industry.

Uncrewed games-what are the typical games

Uncrewed games are currently in the transition stage, but EOSKnight is one of the most popular encrypted games so far. It was launched in July 2018, and it has been a year now. This game can be upgraded after defeating monsters. By digging treasure to synthesize equipment, you can finally exchange equipment and so on. The operation of the game is not complicated. Just create an account and choose a hero, and the system will provide a free character. There are three characters to choose from in the game. If you don’t want to pay, you can use one character first. After upgrading and mining the treasure, you can sell it in exchange for money. Then you can buy the other two characters. Then you can use them to start the game. 

Uncrewed games have become a new fashion in games

The future of Uncrewed games cannot be underestimated. The advantages of crewed games are incomparable. Compared with traditional games, crewed games not only have an incentive effect and attractiveness, but also have the incentive effect of directly obtaining cryptocurrency. The economic model of crewed games itself is that the project party and the user share the interests of the game. Therefore, most players can enjoy the value and profits generated by crypto games. The connection role of encrypted games on the blockchain platform is also critical. Traditional games can be said to be independent games. The data of each game is not interoperable, but crewed games are. Many crewed games are built on a game chain. In terms of technical means, there is no technical barrier to prevent the connection of these games. Therefore, the future crewed games will open a new application scenario combining different games. And the encryption of the game cannot be modified anymore. Because crewed games are based on blockchain technology, this is an immutable layered locking technology. No one can do anything to your account unless 51% of users agree, which means a 51% power attack. Due to the authenticity and reliability of blockchain technology, encrypted games play a huge role in combating piracy. Therefore, when crewed games become very popular, pirated games will no longer exist.