Intel Pentium is better than i5

When it comes to notebook processors, many users may only think of Intel's core series. In fact, in addition to the core series, Intel also has two series. They are the Pentium series and the Celeron series. Pentium is subdivided into gold, silver and bronze processors. The gold processor is more excellent in performance. Let us take Intel Pentium 5405u as an example. In the market competition, it is definitely one of the most powerful chips.


1、 Intel Pentium is better than i5-The founding of Intel

Speaking of Intel Pentium better than i5. We must first start with the establishment of their parent company Intel. Transistor is a powerful engine of the electronic industry. It is called "the most important invention of the 20th century". And its importance is no less than papermaking and printing. The birth of transistor laid the foundation for the rapid development of electronic products. It makes products more convenient, cheaper, and easier to get into ordinary homes. Without transistors, there would not be Silicon Valley. And there would not be today's electronic society. Intel's success depends on focus first, followed by the rise of Microsoft. In the 1990s, Microsoft launched the windows operating system. And there was no one in the computer market. Microsoft beat a series of hardware and software companies in Silicon Valley. But among them, Intel in Silicon Valley not only did not suffer, but also benefited from the rise of Microsoft. In the computer industry chain, chips and operating systems are irreplaceable.

2、 Intel Pentium is better than i5-The rise of Intel

After the 80486 processor was released in 1989, Intel changed its chip name in 1993. Then Intel began to attack under the name of Pentium. Changing the name is not only because digital can't be a trademark, but also because Intel wants to build its own brand. In Intel's original words, "we want the processor to occupy a more prominent position in the computer. It is extremely important but invisible. We don't want people not to know the existence of the microprocessor and people don't know us."

Throughout the 1990s, Intel launched the "Intel inside" label campaign. That is, Intel shares the cost of advertising. As long as it contains the "Intel inside" tag or the "Intel inside" tag on its computer. This is a very successful business strategy. It has made the public aware of the existence of chips. Pentium series of "give the computer a Pentium core". This slogan is no stranger to the public. At its peak in the mid-1990s, Intel produced more than 15% of its computers independently. From the 1980s to the first decade of this century, Intel and Microsoft complemented each other in promoting the development of computers. They have created a glorious era known as "Wintel".

3、 Intel Pentium is better than i5-Intel Pentium gold series

As an old brand, Intel Pentium series has a deep history. And now it is constantly updating, producing a new generation of chips. Many people think that Intel's best is the core series. They don't deny the product strength of the core series. For different needs, the Pentium series is also very good for suitable users. For them, Intel Pentium is better than i5. Intel recently launched the Pentium 5405u with low power consumption. This is a low-voltage processor with a thermal design power consumption of about 15W. It means that notebook computers using this processor will have better performance. And Intel Pentium gold 5405u consumes less power and has longer battery life. With such characteristics, it is really a good backing for thin notebook computers.

In terms of workmanship, Intel Pentium Gold Processor 5405U is also quite worth seeing. It uses a 14nm manufacturing process. The core code is Whiskey Lake. And it has been greatly optimized in terms of architecture and overall performance. Another highlight of this Intel Pentium Gold 5405U is its performance. Its main frequency reaches 2.3 GHz. Compared with the previous generation processor, the performance is improved by at least 20% ~ 30%. It has dual-core four-threads, plus 2 MB Cache, maximum support 32 GB memory. The demand for playing current mainstream games can be met.

4、 Intel Pentium is better than i5-Intel Pentium won't lose core

It has been said that Intel Pentium gold processor 5405u has high-cost performance. It can maximize the performance of the notebook. And the price is not high. This is a very good processor. For people who don't have a large budget, it can improve the overall performance. And it can cost performance of notebook computers to a certain extent. If your budget is around 3000 RMB, Intel Pentium is a better choice than i5. But Pentium gold series 5405u is different, its operation performance and endurance are very online.

Of course, if you're a big game enthusiast, you don't recommend Intel Pentium. If you usually watch videos, process documents, surf the Internet and so on. You'd better choose Intel Pentium. It's very cost-effective.