Lenovo Wireless Products, a Cost-Effective Choice To Get Rid of Driving-By -Wire

Since AirPods, the split true wireless headset has become the main product. Recommended both mobile phone manufacturers and audio equipment manufacturers. Lenovo Group is one of China's top ten core potential assets. It has brought us so many classic works in recent years. Especially Lenovo wireless products. They have won the praise of consumers by their unique appearance and excellent cost performance. Lenovo Air Wireless Bluetooth music headset is no exception. And its price is much cheaper than AirPods. How about the quality of the Lenovo Air Wireless Bluetooth music headset?


Appearance design

Lenovo Air Wireless Bluetooth music headset is full of scientific and technological appearance. The external shape of the charging chamber is rounded hexagon cylinder. The main body, top and bottom are made of blue anodized aluminum alloy. And the rest are high gloss black plastic.

The Lenovo logo is clearly printed on the top shell of the outer contour. The power indicator is cleverly designed in the "O" of Lenovo. Drawer type magnetic design is different from the clamshell headset on the market. At the same time, thanks to the proper magnetic design. The headset storage box can be used as a good decompression artifact in the hand. This is the biggest highlight.

The earbuds are made of black engineering plastic. The touch buttons are on the surface of the main body. Of wire drawing texture processing. Thus it looks advanced. The microphone opening is in front of the touch area. Its radian is consistent with the touch button. This is enough to see the Care and thought of the design.

In addition to the letter "L" and "R", there is another difference between the two earplugs. One is white on a black background; the other is black on a white background. This enables users to distinguish the left and right more quickly. The same signs also appear in the storage slot of the charging bin.


User's experience

Lenovo Air Wireless Bluetooth music headset is amazing in terms of ease of use and connectivity. Although there is no specially developed APP, the connection process is still fast. Lenovo claims that the Air Wireless Bluetooth music headset is equipped with a BES AI chip. It can effectively avoid signal interference. Consumers give feedbacks that there is no signal interference problems in using. But during gaming, the left and right ear will may out of sync.

Aiming at this problem, Qualcomm has launched TrueWerless Stereo Plus technology. The left and right earplugs can switch automatically between primary and secondary modes. It can improve power consumption and significantly reduce audio delay. This technology may be experienced in the next generation of Air products.

Lenovo Air Wireless Bluetooth music headset itself supports 12 kinds of gesture operation. But it would rather a 12 combinations of left and right buttons than gesture operations. The most common operations are click, long press, double-click and three-click. Click the left or right earplug to control the play or call. The volume adjustment needs to be operated separately. Long press the control key on the right earplug to increase the volume. Long press the control panel on the left earplug to decrease the volume. Double-click to switch the previous song and the next one to operate the left and right earplugs respectively. As for three-click, it is to call the voice assistant. Siri also includes it.


Sound quality and endurance

Portability and ease of use are obviously more important than sound quality. For this kind of split type true wireless headset. Compared with the headphones of the same price, Lenovo shows the deserved level of this price.

Lenovo Air Wireless Bluetooth music headset's triple frequency balanced. But it has the disadvantage. There is a lack of atmosphere when playing heavy metal music with special feeling. But it can give you a clear and ethereal feeling. If you prefer to listen to female voice. In fact, this kind of tuning may also take into account the use of the headset itself. Especially, a clear and loud voice in the call is the first to ensure. A strengthened low pitch will give you a sense of chaos.

Power supply and battery information

The earplug can be used continuously for three hours with a single charge. The battery capacity of a single earplug is about 55 Ma. It has no problem to watch two movies at full power. You don't worry too much about the lack of power. If you used with a portable charging bin. The battery capacity of 400 Ma can charge the headset three times. That is about 10 hours of continuous use.

Lenovo Air Wireless Bluetooth music headset is a member of Lenovo wireless products. Its price is not high. It is more in line with Lenovo's recent "cost-effective" strategy. In terms of its overall performance, it is full of design sense. But there still some room for improvement in workmanship. It can completely present a better advanced sense. Fortunately, the functionality, compatibility and ease of use are very good. It is a good choice for users who want to get rid of driving-by-wire.