How Does the Wii Sensor Bar Work

Nowadays, NINTENDO is popular with the public. It has large player teams all over the world. Wii is its home game console model. It has the same pronunciation of “we” and emphasizes that the whole family can participate and find fun. When people use Wii to play somatic games, it should be used together with the Wii sensor bar. So, how does the Wii sensor bar work? A better gaming experience can be achieved after understanding its structure and working principle. 

The Structure of the Wii Sensor Bar

When it comes to the question of how does the Wii sensor bar work, its structure is important. Wii Remote is the main controller of Wii, the game console of NINTENDO. It can interact with virtual objects on the TV screen by moving or making corresponding actions. The normal operation of Wii Remote relies on the sensor for those games which require high precision and sensitivity, such as shooting, boxing, etc. It can make the host detect the movement displacement changes of the controller in the three directions of XYZ. Although the aiming design of Wii Remote controller is similar to light gun, it is different from the traditional light gun. The traditional light gun can only be used on CRT TVs, while Wii Remote can work on various TVs and even projectors. In addition, there is an optical sensor on Wii Remote controller. It combines sensor bar, which is about 20cm. It is connected to the integrated circuit board by the power cord. There are 5 infrared LEDs on the left and right ends respectively. They can emit infrared rays, so that Wii Remote has the aiming function and is used to calibrate Wii Remote. 

Working Principle of the Wii Sensor Bar

Besides, when it comes to the question of how does the Wii sensor bar work, its working principle is also significant. Wii Remote does not actively emit infrared light for the sensor bar to sense. In fact, the sensor strip is two point light sources that can emit infrared rays. However, the infrared sensor on Wii Remote receives and captures the light emitted by the sensor strip like a camera. It can calculate the user’s distance from the TV, the direction, distance, speed of movement up and down, and the speed of movement forward and backward according to the collected information such as the position, angle, and speed of the LED imaging. It reflects accurate positioning. The usage of the sensor bar is also relatively simple. The sensor rod can be installed on the top or bottom center of the TV. Most wireless sensor rods have tape at the bottom. Press down firmly on the iron rod to keep it in place. Press the power button on the wireless sensor bar. The sensor needs to be placed in parallel on or in front of the display device and kept facing the player. The effective distance is 5 meters. Being too far away from the sensor bar will cause interruption or even disconnection.We shouldresearch from the perspectives of structure and principle to find that how does the Wii sensor bar work. The initial purpose of Wii is to attract all family members sit in front of game consoles. The purpose of NINTENDO changes, from not letting the family hate to appealing all family members to play. Now it involves a wide range of types and strong interest, and is quipped with a sensor bar for somatic game. You can get pleasure and exercise at the same time. I believe that in the future, NINTENDO will insist on trying things that others have not done before, and will always bring smiles to the players.