The importance of features of technological environment

The features of technological environment refer to the scientific and technological elements of the environment. In them, the enterprise is located and the features of technological environment of the social phenomena directly related to these elements. It includes factors such as science and technology systems, policies, the level and development. For enterprises, it is necessary to pay attention to the technological development of the industry and their competitors. Tracking the development trend of new products, closely locking the emergence of specific technologies in current technologies, and experiencing new technologies, new materials, and new processes. That may all give companies a competitive advantage. The key lies in the features of technological environment that affect the development of the enterprise. 

Features of technological environment have two sides

In the process of human development, it is inseparable from the support of science and technology. The features of technological environment have two sides. While the continuous innovation of science and technology has brought convenience to social life, it also has an adverse impact on the environment. As a member of modern society, we have an obligation to protect the environment and achieve ecological balance. On the one hand, science and technology are changing people's living environment. They are improving transportation, communication and other methods, and promoting the development of the entire society in the direction of high technology. On the other hand, science and technology are also affected by the social environment. So, they lead to ecological imbalance. This just illustrates the variability of the features of technological environment. For example, some plants and animals are on the verge of extinction. These phenomena are largely due to the emergence of technology. Therefore, this requires the rational use of science and technology. Mankind also recognizes the beneficial and unfavorable effects of science and technology on themselves. And the role of protecting the environment and improving lives.

Features of technological environment -positive effects on the environment

Science and technology can not only promote social and economic development, but also promote environmental protection. Reasonable use of science and technology can improve the ecological environment. Therefore, the entire society cannot do without science and technology. It is necessary to rationally use science and technology to develop scarce resources. Increasing available resources and realizing resource diversification can satisfy the allocation and utilization of resources by the economy. Science and technology are developing better technologies to improve the ecological environment. For example, in air pollution, science and technology can be used to increase the carbon dioxide and dust content in the environment. In areas with severe industrial pollution, science and technology are also used to improve the environment and wastewater. This enables people to live in a clean and clean global environment. Science and technology must solve problems such as climate change, scarcity and waste of resources. Use science and technology to reduce human needs. We must understand and develop science and technology from a new perspective. In order to meet the needs of the entire society, to achieve and protect the ecological balance of the ecological environment. 

Features of technological environment-adverse effects on the environment

The features of technological environment are inherently contradictory, with pros and cons. Whether it is big or small, it has more or less impact on the entire society. The same is true for science and technology. The use of science and technology also has a positive and negative impact on the social economy and the environment. The over-development of mining technology by humans has caused damage to the earth's environment and caused ecological imbalance. When the use of technology brings benefits to mankind, most people only see the good side, the bright side. However, the development of science and technology has caused more damage to the environment than mankind imagined. With the continuous application of science and technology, its negative impact on the entire society will exceed its beneficial impact. And its destructiveness will become more and more obvious. For example, in the use of agricultural technology, technology can increase agricultural production in the short term. And make the human survival of the entire society possible. However, in the long run, agricultural products produced using agricultural technologies such as pesticides and fertilizers will seriously affect the quality of water and soil. When chemicals are used to kill pests, beneficial pests are also harmed. The adverse effects have also become apparent. For example, global warming, extinction of animals and plants, nuclear pollution, water pollution, air pollution, etc. As time goes by, human beings have become more and more dependent on science and technology.