Blu-spec CD--Let You Enjoy HD at Home

With the continuous development of science, film and television technology is also changing. The emergence of Blu-spec CD brings new audio-visual enjoyment to consumers. From video recorders to VCD, which has better image quality than video recorders. Soon after that, the Red-spec CD DVD appeared. They have larger capacity and higher image resolution. VCD was popular for only three to five years. And soon, it was replaced by DVD. However, at the beginning of this century, Blu-spec CD appeared. The status of DVD has become precarious. Most of the discs on the market today are Blu-spec CD.

What is Blu-spec CD

Blu-spec CD is the next generation of disc format after DVD. They can be used to store high-quality video, storage and high-capacity data. Most of the discs on the market are Blu-spec CD. They were named because they use blue violet laser of 405nm to read and write. A single-layer Blu-spec CD is 25-27GB in capacity. It is equivalent to high-definition video of 135 minutes. The storage capacity of information is about 10 DVD. And the image quality of high-definition is six times higher than the standard. Even they reach the release specification of high-definition movies. Its Blu- ray player can be smoothly connected with flat panel TV and 7.1 surround sound. This helps the dream of home theater come true.

How about Blu-spec CD

The advantages of Blu-spec CD are fast reading and writing. And also, various storage forms can greatly improve the retrieval speed. So they could save the files of text, sound, static and dynamic images better. The development of optical disk technology has made great contributions. Not only to the development of electronic archives, the utilization and retrieval of archives. Also, the preservation of archives and the construction of digital archives. With the development of Blu-spec CD, this advantage will be more obvious. Besides, their high-definition function is more conducive to restore the polluted original files. They also will be conducive to protect and use original files.

The development of Blu-spec CD

Science and technology lead normal life. CD has the obvious characteristics than paper, tape, disk, microfilm and other carriers. It has fast storage speed and long service life in terms of file information storage. These two advantages are incomparable to any carrier except CD. It means that its development has greatly promoted the archival work partly. Nowadays, the storage density of Red-spec CD is much higher. It can be 2-3 orders of magnitude higher than disk or ordinary microfilm. If the Blu-spec CD can be applied to archival work, it will help greatly increase the stored files. With the help of Blu-spec CD for file storage, it can save space. At the same time, it can save resources and greatly provide convenience.

Till today, the development of Blu-spec CD has not stopped. They have obvious advantages in many aspects. But the transition to full Blu-spec CD still need a long time. For there are still many problems need to be solved. Although Blu-spec CD has big capacity of recording, it is useless without enough information. In addition, the cost of Blu-spec CD is very expensive. Therefore, various companies have done a lot of research and development. But it is not easy to reduce the price of Blu-spec CD.