What is a Nano Bomb

Carbon nanotube is a one-dimensional quantum material with a special structure. It is mainly a coaxial round tube composed of carbon atoms arranged in a hexagonal shape. Its radial dimension is on the order of nanometers. The axial dimension is on the order of microns. Therefore it is also called "nano bomb". The volume of this material is smaller than that of a cell. It is currently used in the medical field. Mainly used for the treatment of cancer patients.

1. The purpose of nano bombs

Nano bombs are in the initial development process. The researchers intended to use them to deliver drugs. Use carbon nano tubes to selectively inject drugs into different cells. This can achieve the expected medical purpose. However, in subsequent experiments. The researchers found. The forms of atomic stacking are different. Its properties on the nano meter scale are also different. In many cases, the optical and thermodynamic properties of molecules can be used. Micro-explosions are produced by inducing carbon nano tubes. Then blast the cancer cells. In order to achieve the purpose of treatment. Using nano bombs to fight cancer cells is superior to many other current treatments. It is powerful and selective. Not only can it be highly targeted, but it also has a clear goal. Second, it is non-toxic and non-dispersing. It is easily combined with other techniques, including microsurgery. Nano bombs have the advantage: when they blow up cancer cells. The carbon nano tubes of the bomb itself are broken into pieces. Human macrophages can effectively remove these debris.

2. The material of the nano bomb

Except for the carbon nano tubes introduced at the beginning. The nano bombs for different purposes also use different materials. For example, hyaluronic acid (HA) is used as a stabilizer for the preparation of copper sulfide nano particles. And directly use this dispersion system. Compound with positively charged up-conversion nano particles (UCNP) of larger particle size. Construct a ternary nano composite material that integrates diagnosis and treatment. For example, tumor targeting-fluorescence recovery tumor detection-deep tumor photothermal therapy. The composite nano is due to the presence of hyaluronic acid on the surface. Therefore, a longer circulation time in the body and good biocompatibility are obtained. And can actively target tumors.

The Swiss research team has developed a nano-container for people's cardiovascular diseases. It can be under the shear stress of stenotic arteries. Release vasodilator drugs for the diseased area. By rearranging the structure of specific molecules such as phospholipids in classic nano containers such as liposomes. The amide bond replaces the ester bond connecting the two parts of the phospholipid. The molecules are combined with hydration to generate heat to form a spherical liquid. It then solidifies into a lens after cooling. With the help of lenses. Nano containers will move along healthy arteries without causing damage to them. Except when suffering from the shear stress of stenotic arteries. This new type of nano container has been very stable. And this is exactly the purpose of this technology. That is,      vasodilator drugs will only act on narrowed arteries. This will greatly improve the efficiency of treatment. And can effectively reduce related side effects.