What is a green hitech building

The green hitech buildings in the past ten years will have attracted attention from all parties. Many people are concerned about the development of green high-tech buildings, but the concept is rather vague. What exactly is a green high-tech building? Some people think that the use of external wall insulation technology to achieve environmental protection effects is a green high-tech building. Some people think that the use of energy-saving technology in the construction process is a green hitech building. But in fact, these are relatively one-sided perceptions. Green hitech building is a systematic project. And its realization means run through the planning, design, construction and operation from beginning to end. Green hitech buildings must be able to provide a comfortable and safe indoor environment. The overall design should also be in harmony with the natural environment. In other words, a good external environment is required. Although our green building development started late compared with developed countries, my country’s performance in actual development is relatively fast. 

1. my country's statistics on green buildings

The current statistics on green buildings in China are still relatively optimistic. According to a report from People's Daily Online on April 15, it is estimated that by 2022, the proportion of green buildings in urban new buildings will reach 70%. Ni Jiangbo, a first-level inspector of the Standards and Quota Department of the Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development, also publicly stated that in 2019, the country has built a total of more than 5 billion square meters of green building area. This accounted for 65% of green buildings in new urban buildings in 2019. In February this year, the State Council issued the "Guiding Opinions on Accelerating the Establishment and Improvement of a Green and Low-Carbon Circular Development Economic System" (hereinafter referred to as the "Guiding Opinions"). Among them, the "improving urban and rural human settlement environment" section clearly pointed out the target requirements of "carrying out green community creation actions and vigorously developing green buildings".


2. Compared with ordinary buildings, the advantages of green buildings

The heads of relevant departments and bureaus of the Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development introduced this. One is the higher level of energy conservation in buildings. By optimizing the thermal performance of the envelope structure, the energy efficiency of HVAC, lighting and electrical equipment can be improved. And can make full use of renewable energy such as solar energy and geothermal energy. This can effectively reduce fossil energy consumption. And reduce building carbon emissions. The second is that the resource consumption of construction is less. By using high-strength and high-durability materials, the application of green building materials can be promoted. By promoting green construction methods such as full decoration and prefabricated buildings, the level of consumption of building materials can be reduced. This will drive the reduction of energy consumption for material production and transportation. The third is to build a better ecological environment. Through efficient and intensive use of land resources, it can not only protect the ecology of the construction site and increase the green area, but also create a green and livable working and living environment. And then enhance the capacity of ecological carbon sink. And fully fix carbon and release oxygen. Fourth, the overall water saving effect is more obvious. By improving the water-saving efficiency of the water supply and drainage system. Using water-saving appliances while using non-traditional water sources can effectively save building water consumption.

3. How to continue to promote the development of green buildings

The advancement of green hitech buildings is a systematic project from the macro to the details. Hiring professional consulting and applying for government support are both critical. Bring out the advantages of green high-tech buildings through operation and maintenance and intelligent management. At the same time, the development of green buildings must be based on local conditions and scientifically coordinated. All walks of life should be based on the promotion and application of key technologies and products closely related to green buildings. Specifically, you can choose from these types of projects:

A. Use a new energy-saving building system. Thermal insulation technology products for walls and roofs, roof greening technology products, energy-saving doors and windows and sun-shading technology products, etc.

B. HVAC technology products, Indoor environmental quality control technology products, Intelligent control technology products, etc. Such as capillary network and heat pump, heat recovery and replacement of fresh air, intelligence and LED lights.

C. Water-saving appliances, rainwater collection, and water treatment technologies and products related to the comprehensive utilization of water resources.

D. Technologies and products related to the development and utilization of renewable energy such as solar energy, geothermal energy, air energy, and biogas.