What do you mean by cashing in micropayments on mobile phones?

This is a comprehensive summary of what the meaning of micropayment cashization is, the micropayment monetization method and what kind it is, what the micropayment cashization site is, what the information fee cashization is, the micropayment


policy, and what we should be aware of when dealing with.

Cashing in small payments? It means exchanging (selling and exchanging) cash after paying gift certificates, information fees (content usage fees), etc. using mobile phone/phone micropayments. It can be used on smartphones (Android phones), iPhones, and affordable phones. You can’t use small payments on prepaid phones.

The reason why it is possible to cash with such small payments is that unless there is a particular reason, a small payment limit on a mobile phone automatically gives you a certain amount of small payment limit if you purchase an iPhone or smartphone, which can be used to pay for gift certificates and information fees (content fees) at One Store, T-money, and Google Play Store and sell them to companies that purchase them in cash or individuals who want to purchase.

There are a lot of reviews and evaluations from people who have actually cashed in with micropayments on their mobile phones. If you look at user reviews, you can see that most of them are easy to deal with because anyone can use cell phone payment as long as they have a cell phone regardless of bad credit. Of course, cultural gift certificates and content usage fees (information usage fees) are the same.

Cashing in small payments on mobile phones

In addition, aside from the small payment limit of SKT, KT, and LG U+ carriers, there will be an information fee limit that can be used by payment agencies, each of which will be given up to 500,000 won to 600,000 won each, which can add up to a limit of about 1 million won. QuIte naturally, there is no maximum limit when opening a mobile phone for the first time, and if you use it for more than three months, you can apply for an upward payment limit.

In other words, the limit on small payments on mobile phones cannot be used directly like cash, but it can be easily cashed (現金化) if you purchase a gift certificate that can be exchanged in cash and sell it to a third party, so even though it is expedient, it is no different from cash. However, I recommend you to make a deal with a formal company that provides cash exchange services because you eat and fry a lot when you make transactions between individuals.

Also, if you make a small payment with your smartphone and iPhone, the amount you used will be added to next month’s mobile phone bill, so it is better to use it only when you need it according to your economic conditions. This is because the interest rate on the micropayment amount is also quite high, and if the bill is not paid on time, the limit of use may be reduced or it may be unavailable due to the policy.