What are the features of technology?

In all patent procedures, it is very important to first determine the technical characteristics. Generally, the scope of protection of patents for inventions and utility models is subject to the content of the claims. The claims include at least one complete technical solution. But the technical solution is composed of a collection of multiple features of technology. Therefore, the protection scope of the patent right for invention or utility model shall be subject to the content determined by the features of technology recorded in the claims. But not everyone understands the technical characteristics. There are even many people who are more curious about this question, what is a technical feature? In fact, the definition of technical characteristics is not complicated. In layman's terms, features of technology are the basic elements that constitute a technical solution. Taking products in the mechanical field as an example, features of technology can include the following aspects. The first is the component, here refers to the main part included in the technical solution. The second is the parts, that is, the parts included in the component or product. Then there is the structure of the parts, that is, the connection relationship or position relationship between the components. The last is the connection relationship or position relationship between the parts. For methods, features of technology can be steps. Like the order of the steps, the conditions in the steps, the objects of the steps, etc. 

1. Classification of features of technology

a. Necessary features of technology: those technical means/schemes that are indispensable to constitute an invention. The sum is sufficient to constitute the solution of the invention and can be distinguished from other solutions described in the background art.

b. Additional features of technology: the dispensable/additional technical means that constitute an invention.

c. Distinguishing features of technology: This is to solve technical problems or realize the task of invention. Those technical means or technical solutions that are different from the existing technology adopted by the inventor's creative work. It includes necessary or additional technical means or technical solutions.

d. Equivalent features of technology: it uses basically the same technical means as the disclosed prior art. Realize basically the same function and achieve basically the same effect. And those technical means that those skilled in the art can associate without creative work. 

2. Features of technology and patent drafting

So what exactly are the necessary features of technology of a patent? The indispensable features in the technical solutions to solve the technical problems of inventions and creations are called essential features of technology. The lack of any necessary features of technology will lead to technical problems that cannot be solved. There are necessary features of technology as well as non-essential features of technology. The insignificant features in the technical solutions to solve the technical problems of invention and creation are called non-essential features of technology. In the absence of any non-essential technical feature, the technical problem can still be solved. In addition, understand the concept of specific features of technology. Refers to the technical characteristics of each invention or utility model as a whole that contributes to the existing technology.

3. how to write good features of technology

First of all, the patentee can list all the necessary features of technology for applying for an invention patent or invention. Then filter among all the necessary technical characteristics listed. Select two types of necessary technical characteristics. That is, the necessary technical feature shared by the prior art is A. The necessary technical feature of the prior art is B. Writing independent requirements=topic name+A+Its characteristics are: (its characteristics:)+B. Therefore, it can be understood that the essential patent features run through the core of the entire patent. The patent cannot be implemented due to the lack of the necessary patented technology. Therefore, generally speaking, a patent-based one has multiple essential patent features. However, if it is a patent that contains multiple patented technologies, the patentee can be advised to apply for multiple patented technologies through multiple protections. Therefore, in addition to invention patent applications, other applications such as utility model patent applications can also be used.