Visit WandaVision's Reality-Bending Living Room with This ...

The new


series is perhaps the hottest TV show on the Disney Plus streaming service since...well, its own

The Mandalorian

wrapped up its second season late last year.

Now, after publishing

AR experiences

in partnership with Google to promote the latter, Disney has tapped the AR camera effects of

Facebook Messenger

to hype up the former as the season (and, perhaps, series) finale is set to drop on Friday.

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The newly Marvel-powered app is available in the camera effects carousel in Facebook Messenger for




. Once opened, the AR experience fills the camera view with a 360-degree virtual rendering of the titular couple's Westview living room. Mild spoilers are contained therein, so, if you haven't caught up, you may want to avert your eyes.

Images by Tommy Palladino/

Next Reality

As you explore the virtual space, the room transforms to reflect the decade-tripping conceit of the show, with magical anachronisms and Easter Eggs appearing throughout the experience.

Although the portal works on both the front and rear cameras, the selfie view uses background segmentation to replace your physical background with a virtual one, giving your viewers the impression that you are visiting Wanda and Vision.

Moreover, the front-facing view works with video messaging, including

Facebook Rooms


Images by Tommy Palladino/

Next Reality

Since Facebook extended its Spark AR creator platform to

Instagram and Messenger

, it's the photosharing app that has received more attention from brands and creators. But count Disney's marketing team as one of its fans, as the crew has previously used the AR platform to create promotional experiences for

Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker


Disney has been an active adopter of AR advertising in general, and the entertainment giant has experimented with various platforms in its promotional practice. Google assisted Disney with AR experiences for

The Mandalorian

as well as

Star Wars: The Last Jedi

. Snapchat also got the call for another Disney Plus property,

Lady and the Tramp


The Incredibles 2

, which also utilized

Samsung's AR Emoji


Reflecting executive chairman Bob Iger's

preference for AR over VR

, Disney has also published AR games for its Star Wars and Marvel properties for the

Lenovo Mirage

headset and has devoted

research and development

into AR technologies.

Suffice to say, we can expect many more AR experiences from Disney in the future. And, with a

packed calendar of releases for 2021

, Marvel fans will likely have their hands full with AR this year.

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