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Looking for the perfect smart band that not only suit your fitness needs but also your budget? The Gadgets 360 Smart Band Finder is here to help. From browsing through top brands such as Fitbit and Xiaomi, to choosing a smart band with the right features – the handy filters and tabs on the Gadgets 360 Smart Band Finder will easily help you find your next wearable. The Sort options will assist you in sifting through smart bands based on name, recency of launch, price, and popularity. If you’re looking for the latest smart band, click on the Latest option to view wearables that were launched recently, in reverse chronological order. If you’re looking for something premium, click on the High Price tab. If you have a tight budget, click on Low Price instead. The Popularity option will show you the most-searched wearables among our readers. If you have a specific smart band in mind, you can always look it up on the Search box.

The Gadgets 360 Smart Band Finder also comes with a plethora of filters, that you can tinker around with to find the right smart band for you. Starting with the Price Range, you can set the right price bracket for yourself and check out all the listed smart bands within that range. Under the Brands filter, you can choose from the many options available. Note that you can select multiple options at once, so we encourage you to select all the brands that catches your fancy and choose from the shortlisted products. Do also check out the Band Material filter. If you’re signing up for a heavy exercise regimen, you may wish to go for a silicone band. If you’re looking to make a fashion statement, you may want to go with a stainless steel band instead.

The Display filter will help you choose from OLED, AMOLED, LCD, and LED displays on your smart band. Similarly, the Dial Shape filter will help you choose from Rectangle, Oval, or Curved dial bodies. The More Features filter will help you take a deep dive into the many features you may want in your wearable – from water resistance to an inbuilt blood pressure monitor. Finally, the Market Status filter will come in handy as it shows you wearables that are currently available in stores, are upcoming, or are out of stock.

We hope you find the Gadgets 360 Smart Band Finder handy. In case you already have a smart band in mind and wish to see how it fares against other smart bands in the market, simply head over to our

Smart Band Compare Tool

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