Samsung Galaxy s8 vs Google pixel xl, which one is better?

Samsung Galaxy s8 vs. Google pixel xl, which one is better? From the perspective of the prices of these two phones, they belong to the high-end market. If measured in terms of cost and budget, there is not much difference. But if you combine many other factors, you can see the difference between Samsung Galaxy s8 and Google pixel xl.


Samsung Galaxy s8 vs Google pixel xl appearance details comparison

Pixel XL is slightly larger than the Galaxy S8 in terms of measurements. The main screen size of Samsung S8 is 5.8 inches, which can satisfy most consumers. 5.8 inches is the diagonal length when the rounded corners of the display are stretched to a right angle. At the same time, the size of the mobile phone is 148.9x68.1x8mm, which is moderate in size. Google pixel xl measures 154.7x75.7x8.6mm. Its size is also just right. Then at the same time, the 3.61mm narrow frame is outstanding. The screen accounts for 71.21%. The 5.5-inch main screen makes obsessive-compulsive disorder patients no longer have to worry about black borders. 

Samsung Galaxy s8 vs Google pixel xl camera details comparison

In terms of taking pictures, Samsung Galaxy s8 and Google pixel xl are basically tied. Samsung S8 video shooting 4K (3840x2160, 30 frames / sec) video recording. This will make students who like shooting have a better experience. As for the front camera is 8 million pixels, it also has better colors. Then the rear camera 12 million pixels let you miss every wonderful moment. Excellent performance at f/1.7 aperture. Camera functions include auto focus, professional mode, auto mode, shutter speed, exposure, hue, manual focus, white balance, stickers, selective focus, etc. This gives consumers a good shooting experience. Google pixel xl front camera with 8 million pixels also has better colors. In addition, the aperture f/2.0 performance is excellent. And video shooting support will make students who like shooting have a better experience. The 12.3-megapixel rear camera allows you to miss every wonderful moment. With dual cameras (front and rear), it is a mainstream configuration.

Samsung Galaxy s8 vs Google pixel xl material details comparison

Samsung Galaxy s8 and Google pixel xl both use a combination of aluminum and glass. But the difference is quite big. S8 uses a glass back panel and aluminum alloy frame. Pixel XL is mostly aluminum body. The periphery of the camera behind it uses a small glass panel design. Compared to the Google pixel xl in the use of materials, the Samsung Galaxy s8 feels better.

Samsung Galaxy s8 vs Google pixel xl configuration details comparison

Samsung S8 operating system Android 7.0 is more intelligent and convenient. And the screen pixel density is 568ppi. So there is a better improvement in entertainment. And the type of SIM card is dual card. This is more convenient for user scene switching. At the same time, the expanded capacity of 256GB enhances the user experience of using the machine. There is also a CPU frequency of 2.35GHz (large quad core) and 1.9GHz (small quad core). This is monster-level performance. The pixel density of the Google PixelXL screen is 534ppi. Leisure and entertainment have been better promoted. Then run the general software without stress like the other memory 4GB. Compared with Google pixel xl in basic configuration, Samsung Galaxy s8 will be faster and smoother.

Samsung Galaxy s8 vs Google pixel xl battery life details comparison

Samsung S8 eight-core meets most of the daily use. The main screen has a resolution of 2960x1440 pixels and a 5.8-inch size can satisfy most consumers. The battery capacity is 3000mAh. It can support normal use throughout the day. Google PixelXL battery capacity is 3450mAh. Obviously, in terms of battery life, Google pixel xl can allow users to reduce the annoyance of low battery.

Samsung Galaxy s8 vs Google pixel xl mobile VR comparison


If you are considering mobile VR, Galaxy S8 with Gear VR is the best choice for mobile virtual reality content. Pixel XL is one of the few Android phones that Google’s Daydream View device works with.

The biggest advantage of Samsung Galaxy s8 is its appearance. It gives a refreshing feeling. But the Samsung S8 has some minor flaws. For example, iris unlocking and face unlocking are basically not easy to use at night. It also affects when the sun is very strong. Google Pixel xl has the advantages of good display and powerful camera. The disadvantage is poor WIFI. But in general, Samsung Galaxy s8 and Google pixel xl are both good phones.