Principle of Magnetic Refrigeration for Compressor Free Refrigerator

We all know that there are refrigerators, freezers, conditioners, and other electrical appliances. Compressors are the core components of their refrigeration and heating systems. This refrigeration technology has a history of a hundred years. And it can be called the "heart" of refrigeration household appliances. Now the new refrigeration technology cancels the compressor. And it gives birth to a series of products such as compressor free refrigerators. what impact will this new product have on the whole household appliance refrigeration industry?

1、 The "past life" of Compressor Free Refrigerator

First of all, let's take a look at refrigeration principle of traditional compressors. It is different from the current compressor free refrigerator. The motor drives the compressor to rotate constantly. Then it pulls out the lower pressure working medium steam from the evaporator. And the steam pressure rises and is fed into the condenser higher pressure. After throttling it is converted into a liquid with lower pressure and sent to evaporator. Finally, the steam with lower pressure is sent to the inlet of the compressor. Repeatedly compress and expand gas or liquid refrigerant to complete the refrigeration cycle.

2. The Principle of Compressor Free Refrigerator

The refrigeration technology we see is called "magnetic refrigeration". It is mainly based on the "magnetocaloric effect". The basic principle is that the magnetic moment will form a unified direction. The occasion is after being acted by the external magnetic field. After the external magnetic field is removed, the direction will return to disorder. At this time, it is necessary to absorb energy from the outside world. The external magnetic field is added too. So back and forth, it absorbs a lot of heat from the outside world. Then it achieves the cooling effect.

3. The Advantages of Compressor Free Refrigerator

Compressor free refrigerators are high refrigeration efficiency, low energy consumption, no pollution, no noise. The traditional refrigeration system needs to add all kinds of refrigerants. And the traditional refrigerant Freon will destroy the ozone layer. While the refrigeration material of magnetic refrigeration is alloy and uses water as heat medium. So there is no environmental protection problem. In addition, the noise is a common problem of the traditional refrigeration compressor. But in the magnetic refrigeration technology, only the motor is needed. It is greatly reduced compared with the traditional compressor. And the power consumption is obviously lower than that of the traditional compressor. It can be called "environmental protection-energy-saving assistant".

Magnetic refrigeration technology has many advantages. But it is difficult to be widely used in household appliances. The magnetic refrigeration technology needs to be civilian and practical. The first is to find a better magnetic refrigerant. And the second is to develop a more efficient external magnetic field. It can make magnetic refrigerator have stronger capacity and lower energy consumption. At the same time, we need to find a more suitable magnetic cycle. And we need to optimize the heat exchange process. No one can predict the future market of magnetic refrigerator. It is believed magnetic refrigeration technology will bring new revolution to the world.