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Over the past few weeks, I have been driving around my town with a dash camera and I have to admit, it takes some time getting used to. Depending on where you live, driving can either be the best or the worst time of your daily routine. As an automotive journalist, my job is to judge how fun and functional a particular vehicle is and report it.

Since pictures are worth a thousand words, videos must be worth at least a million. The dash cam enables me to record my emotions while I am behind the wheel. It also works as a second set of eyes to keep me pointing in the right direction, in order to stay out of trouble.

The dash cam I evaluated is the

Polaroid PD-G55H.

For the past six years, I have been doing all my driving without any electronic visual aids. After I mounted the dash camera onto to my windshield, it took some time for me to get used to its presence and its functions.

However, I have to admit, having this camera has made some of my driving a bit more enjoyable and a lot safer.

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Polaroid PD-G55H Features

Polaroid PD-G55H Specifications

What’s Included

Where to Buy


Polaroid PD-G55H Features

Polaroid PD-G55H 2.5 Touchscreen

The camera is a lightweight unit, quickly mounts to the windshield and captures all the details with continuous recording. Don’t be fooled by its compact size because this dash camera comes loaded with a host of safety features.

For starters, the Polaroid PD-G55H includes a GPS system, which helps keep track of the recent locations you have visited. The camera records FULL HD videos in 1080P, allowing you to capture crisp videos with a lot of details.

Continuously recorded video loops include time and date stamping, so that you can easily archive your videos and know exactly when and at what time it was recorded. The camera also features an auto record function, which turns the camera on and off with the vehicle’s power.

The Polaroid PD-G55H includes a G sensor, which automatically saves events when a collision is detected. The unit also includes a


inchLED screen which provides easy access to menus and video playbacks. The GPS software provides an easy playback option with GPS information like latitude, longitude, and other parameters.

During long highway driving, the Polaroid PD-G55H proved to be a good companion thanks to safety features like

Lane Departure Warning System,

which helps distracted drivers maintain their lanes by sending voice alerts. It sounds an alarm on the screen when the vehicle deviates from its current lane.

The camera screen also displays a speed limit warning and a voice alert is triggered when the vehicle exceeds the max speed limit set by the driver.

Polaroid PD-G55H Specifications


Lens: f2.4

Resolution: 3 megapixels

LED Display:


inch TFT LED screen

Wide Angle: 156 degrees

Movie Size and Frame Size: 1080P (30 frames per second), 720P (30 frames per second)

File Format: Still Images (JPG) and Movie Clips: MOV

External Media Storage: Micro SD (up to 32 GB)

Interface: Micro USB to USB 2.0

Power Supply: Built-In Li-polymer rechargeable battery

Operating Temperature: 14 degreesFahrenheit to 140 degree Fahrenheit

Polaroid PD-G55H Camera Lens

What’s Included

Each Polaroid PD-G55H packaging contains these units:



Car charger with USB cable

User manual

Quick start guide

Software CD

Where to Buy

The Polaroid PD-G55H is available on




Having a dash camera in your car has a lot of advantages. It helps you drive safely by keeping you in your lane and under the speed limit. It also works as a safety tool by constantly recording videos in a loop or automatically turning on during an accident.

Overall, I enjoyed having the Polaroid PD-G55H in my car and I would highly recommend it to anyone who likes to record their road trips. It can also be used a protection device to deter bad guys from approaching your vehicle.

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*Special Thanks: Kyle Kappmeier – R & J Public Relations