Patrick Harless Obituary (1980

I met Mr. Harless in 2007 when I started my middle school education at Fay. He was my dorm parent, wrestling and baseball coach, math teacher, and advisor. To all of his advisees, including myself, Kenny Chan, Jun Yabuki, and John Henry Fitzgerald at the time, he was sincerely warm and caring. He went out of his way to welcome and invite us to his apartment for dinners and drive us to the malls to treat us with delicious food and share wisdom with us.As a coach, Mr. Harless was passionate, inspiring, and motivating. My last year at Fay, with Mr. Harless as our head wrestling coach, we went undefeated and won the big Fessenden Tournament. Even though I was not a key athlete for the team, the bond that Mr. Harless and the rest of the team created, the sweat and hard work we put in, the fun memories of practice, matches, and tournaments all moved my heart and this tremendously happy and warm tears were falling from my eyes as our captain Jeffrey Chen secured our win. Mr. Harless always lead by example by running, doing all the drills with us, and sweating even more than us during practices. I still feel and remember him so dearly. As a math teacher, Mr. Harless was very effective in teaching us young students. He was incredibly organized and even as a young child, we could tell he is very smart. He taught us in the most comprehensive and easy to understand ways. He would always be there to answer any questions and give us feedback with our work. As an advisor, Mr. Harless ́ classroom would be our safe zone, like a warm home we could always go back to. He was always incredibly generous with his care. I remember so vividly when Mr. Harless was invited by the Korean students ́ families, as he was so beloved by us, to visit Korea. He stayed at my house with my family, and as a young child I had the pleasure to share the beauties of my country with my lovely teacher. Even when I moved on to high school, Mr. Harless would send me hand-written letters. I have never met a teacher as loving and caring as him. I am truly grateful to have met him, shared wonderful memories with him, and to have grown up and live with his love, warmth, and kindness.I share sincere condolences with Mr. Harless ́ family and everyone he has known. -Tae Hwan Son

Tae Hwan Son

January 30, 2021