Official Samsung note7 screen protector

A protector is installed on the glass screen of Samsung Galaxy Note series phones. The latest large glass covers the front and rear sides. The metal frame is sandwiched between two pieces of glass. On both sides, the frame is very thin. But its surrounding top and bottom are thick to accommodate other hardware. As we all know, the double-glazed design will reduce the grip. Because it becomes smooth. But the metal frame helps balance. The control device is arranged as usual. Samsung Galaxy Note7 is one of the first mobile devices to support HDR video. This is not an HDR like in the camera. This has 10-bit colors instead of 8-bit colors. It is 4 times the hue.

Galaxy Note 7 became the first model with 6GB of RAM. And will use the brand-new nm craft grade Samsung self-produced LPDDR4 DRAM chip. In addition, Note 7 will also use a new USB Type-C interface. This also makes Note 7 will become Samsung's first mobile phone that supports the USB Type-C interface. In terms of core, Note 7 will use an improved version of the Snapdragon 823 chip. The main frequency will be increased to 3GHz. The launch of any mobile phone will be accompanied by new functions and new features. Note 7 will certainly not disappoint.

1. The official Samsung note7 screen protector is the proof that Samsung is powerful

Samsung has developed an application called Samsung Focus. Inspired by the BlackBerry Hub. This enables multiple apps to be displayed in the same place. The difference is that Samsung emphasizes that this is a productivity tool rather than a news hub. People often ask us "What makes ahref better than the competition?" This question is fair, but difficult to answer. Because there are so many things to compare. So instead of making a classic comparison, we decided to take a different route. Show some unique features and functions of ahref.


2. The official Samsung note7 screen protector allows users to have a better experience

Galaxy Note 7 brings another image enhancement switch video enhancer. This project enables all video applications to brighten the image. It makes the colors more vivid (it simulates hdr video). Please note that this option also enhances the audio. There is also a blue light filter. Over time, the blue light will decrease to match your body's biological clock. The filter can be turned off manually. But it is best to open in the evening and close at dawn. In terms of Samsung's record in this area, galaxy note7 provides an impressive audio output.

The phablet passed the first part of our test, and the mixing quality was impeccable. Plug in a pair of headphones and there is almost no distortion. Even in stereo, it is difficult to notice without special equipment. Samsung galaxy note7 got a good score in our speaker test, which is equivalent to the advantage of galaxy s7. A single speaker produces clean sound, even if the sound is turned to the maximum. It also performs evenly across different types of audio music, hands-free calling, ringtones.

3. The official Samsung note7 screen protector protects the new screen and increases comfort

Now, Galaxy Note 7 has received special treatment. It is equipped with a hyperboloid screen. It's still a 5.7-inch diagonal, using the same 1440p resolution. But its left and right sides are curled. Technology is developing, and Samsung has always been at the forefront. As a leading company, the whole world is paying attention to Samsung and eager to try Samsung products. Samsung note7 and its predecessors are unique, and writing on the screen with the new s pen feels the most natural. In this generation of products, you can even take notes where the screen is off. And it is happy to try places that most electronic products are afraid to try. Galaxy Note 7 also represents the first major design change of the flagship galaxy series since s6. Because s7 is only a thicker version of s6. The symmetrical hyperbolic design makes the beautiful screen borderless, while making big phones feel smaller.

4. The official Samsung note7 screen protector allows the phone's appearance and temperament to coexist

The new galaxy note7 will be available all over the world. Unlike its predecessor note5, many people will eventually be able to upgrade to the new generation. There are many things to look forward to-waterproof function. This is the first in the note series. The hdr-capable display, usb type-c interface and iris scanner appeared for the first time in the Galaxy series. Galaxy note7 is very symmetrical-its left and right sides are exactly the same arc before and after. This is one of the best-looking hardware we have dealt with. 153.5 x 73.9 x 7.9 mm, a bit taller and thicker than Notepad 5.

The screen curve is not as obvious as the edge of the s7. Their radius is smaller. Some people worry that these curves will interfere with the s pen. But when you write, you will naturally leave a space. So the curved screen edge of note7 is not a problem. These curves are still enough to make the phone feel narrower than Note5. Although the screen width has increased by 0.2 inches, it feels like the edge of the S7 and is easy to carry. The new galaxy note7 will win the support of many people who are suspicious of the new phone. It is also recommended to add an official Samsung note7 screen protector to the phone while using the phone.