New Pokemon Snap: DLC 1 – How To Unlock The Secret Side Path | Hidden Area Guide

The first big DLC update for New Pokemon Snap adds 20+ new Pokemon and 3 new areas but one of those areas has to be unlocked. The other two areas will appear if youve made it pretty far in your adventures, so anyone can do it easily. If you miss the clue to find the Secret Side Path, youre probably scratching your head and wondering where in the world this third area is. Were here to make unlocking the level easy. Youll have to perform a very specific task in a certain level, and once you play through the Secret Side Path once, itll appear on your map permanently.


The Secret Side Path is also one of the most unique areas of the game. In this area, youll turn tiny yep, youre taking snaps of giant-sized Pokemon from your itty-bitty vantage point. The setup that adds an entirely new function to your safari vehicle makes me think well be seeing more shrunken areas to explore in future updates. For now, the Secret Side Path is limited to the Florio Nature Park. Learn all about unlocking in the full guide.


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New Pokemon Snap: DLC 1 How To Unlock The Secret Side Path | Hidden Area Guide


Secret Side Path Area | Location Unlock Guide


The Secret Side Path is the third and final stage included in the big 8/4/21 update for New Pokemon Snap. The Secret Side Path is referred to in the opening discussion with the Professor, but after that you wont get anymore clues. If you miss the opening dialogue, youll have no idea where to look.


NOTE: You need to download the latest update for New Pokemon Snap before youll gain access to the Secret Side Path. Mightywide River and Barren Badlands unlock by progressing to Sweltering Sands and Shiver Snowfields.


How To Unlock Secret Side Path: Play Florio Nature Park (Day) and reach the lakeside area of the map. This is just past the forest hill Dodrio will appear to your left. Look for a tree (looking left) as you progress. Theres a tree with a knot at the base. Use a pulse and scan the marker that appears to begin the path.


Once you begin the path, youll need to finish it to actually unlock the route. This is the only route in the game that splinters off from another map and unlocks after playing it once. The route actually causes your vehicle to shrink down so you can view Pokemon from an entirely different angle. Theyre absolutely enormous! That makes this one of the most unique areas in the game and we can only guess future updates will add more levels just like this.

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