Mini HP printer - Laser version

Usually, laser printer gives us the impression of high printing speed and high imaging quality. But at the same time, its cost is relatively high. Therefore, inkjet printer has always been the first choice for office printing documents. But global science and technology are developing rapidly. The printing cost of laser printer in the past has been criticized by people. Now it has been improved. Especially when printing black-and-white documents, its printing cost is cheaper than inkjet printer. So black-and-white laser printer has gradually become the mainstream equipment of office document printing. Among them, the mini HP printer laser version is a black-and-white laser printer. And it has once sold very well in the market. 


1Mini HP Printer: the Appearance of Laser Version

Mini HP printer - Laser version adopts the classic white body design. Then it can give people a generous and simple impression. Especially round logo with mirror effect on the side makes whole machine more flexible. Therefore, for many people, the high color value of the mini HP printer - Laser version has undoubtedly become a beautiful scenery on their desk. Mini HP printer - the laser version is very compact. Because its body size is only 31.5 x 17 x 15cm. It is equivalent to the floor space of an A4 magazine. So it is easier to place. In addition, it supports wireless network connection and mobile printing of HP app smart devices. So users can directly use mobile phones for wireless printing without using computers. Therefore, it is appropriate to put it on the bookshelf.


2Mini HP printer: Design of buttons and paper tray of laser version

Mini HP printer - Laser version designs the position of the operation panel on the left side of the fuselage cover. The whole panel integrates four buttons, namely wireless button, continue / Cancel button, power button and attention button. In addition to the continue / Cancel button, all the four buttons are equipped with backlight. Mini HP printer: the design of the output tray and the input tray of the laser version is quite ingenious. The input tray is used by putting down the panel with logo on the side of the machine body. This design can reduce the area occupied by the printer. In addition, the paper tray can hold about 150 papers. And the paper types supporting printing include A4 and A5, A6 and envelope. Mini HP printer - Laser version can print up to 20 pages per minute, 8000 pages per month. It can meet the needs of most people's office printing. If you want to remove the toner cartridge or deal with the paper jam, you can lift the cover of the machine. The model of the toner cartridge is cf247a, and it can print about 1400 pages.

3Mini HP printer -- charging of laser version

Mini HP printer - the USB interface and power interface of laser version are located on the back of the machine. It can support wireless network printing and mobile app printing. And its USB interface can not be used. Therefore, the printing function of mobile app is very convenient. The required documents or pictures can be printed directly on the mobile phone. Because the printing quality of the printer is up to 600 * 600dpi, all kinds of fonts can be printed clearly.

4Mini HP printer: the Experience of Laser Version

Mini HP printer - Laser version is easy to operate. Just download and install the official HP smart mobile app. Then connect to the WiFi of HP mini laser printer. HP smart app's simple interface makes it easy to get started. In addition, HP smart app has some editing functions related to documents and pictures. It includes clipping and rotation. In addition, printing related settings can also be completed in HP smart app. Such as the selection of printing quality and paper size, horizontal and vertical printing. In short, the mini HP printer - Laser version can support wireless network printing.  In conclusion, it is really a cost-effective and affordable choice among printers.

52020 New Mini HP Printer

In 2020, Xiaomi launched an HP Mini black-and-white laser three in one printer. The mini HP printer integrates printing, scanning and copying. The machine model was m29a. And it was known at that time as HP's smallest mini printer. Even the three circumference of the machine body was only 360x264x197mm. It was equivalent to the size of 1.5 A4 papers and occupied less than 0.1m2. Even a corner of the desk can be easily accommodated. The price of m29a is less than 1000 yuan. But it can realize printing, scanning, and copying. And this mini HP printer can fully meet the needs of daily learning and office. This mini HP printer is compatible with JPG / PDF / TIFF and other multi format scanning document output mode. And the document can be remotely uploaded to the mailbox or network folder.