Manufacturing Method of Motion Sensor Fan

It was March in an instant, and the hot summer began to count down. Many people cannot live without air conditioning in summer. But compared to air conditioners, electric fans are also unique and irreplaceable. With the development of technology. People's requirements for intelligent equipment are getting higher and higher. Common electric fans have also embarked on the road of intelligent development. Induction fans have also become a must-have choice for people in summer. Functions such as automatic switch, automatic wind speed adjustment, and automatic lighting are very important. It has gradually become one of the constituent elements of induction fans. So how do you make your own induction fan? Here are a few tips to tell you.

1. Manufacturing Principle of Motion Sensor Fan

The core of the production principle of the motion sensor fan is to make the fan "visible" close to people. The machine needs to have a pair of "eyes" that "see" objects-infrared sensors. It can use the infrared ray emitted by itself to detect whether there is an object in front of it. Install an infrared sensor on the electric fan. Make it start working when it detects an object approaching, otherwise it stops working. After understanding the principle. We need to prepare the corresponding materials according to the conditions. That is, the battery box and the main board, the link switch and the infrared sensor control board, etc. 

2.Connection Method of Motion Sensor Fan

First you need to link the battery box with the motherboard. And you should complete installation of the 4.5V battery in the 9V battery box. Then you need to insert the plug into socket of the main control board.

Secondly you need to link switch, infrared sensor control board. Insert the switch plug and infrared sensor controller into the socket of the main control board. Note: Please be careful about the following operations. For example, the pins of the infrared sensor board are connected to the socket of the main control board. The pins cannot be broken.

Thirdly you should link the electric fan. The other end of the two wires drawn from the motor is a standard plug. And they can be directly linked to the main control board. Then you need to secure the fan to the rack. In this way, the auto-sensing fan is assembled.

3.Programming of Motion Sensor Fan

The induction fan continuously detects whether there is anyone in front of it through the infrared sensor. The fan rotates when there is a signal. Otherwise, the fan stops rotating. According to the working flow chart of the induction fan. Write the program on the robot programming software. The fan rotation here is controlled by the high-speed motor module. 

4.Download and Run the Motion Sensor Fan Program

Test on the simulation platform in the programming software. Check whether the written program is correct. Then download the program to the installed induction fan and run it. And observe the actual effect of its operation. Adjust and modify the program according to the situation. Until the desired goal is reached. 

The above is a simple induction fan production method. Friends who know programming knowledge can try it. Let's have a homemade induction fan for the coming summer. When the gentle wind gently blows your face. I believe you will have a different and unique experience. 

In addition, careful friends can find out. When making induction fans. Still need to use a lot of programming skills. In the computer system. Usually a machine instruction specifies a specific action of a computer system. When a series of computers are designed and manufactured in hardware. Several instructions are used to specify the basic operations that this series of computers can perform. These instructions together constitute the instruction system of this series of computers. In the early days of computer applications. Programmers use the instruction system of the machine to write computer applications. This method is called a machine language program. Programs written in machine language. Because each instruction corresponds to a specific basic action of the computer. The program occupies less memory and is highly efficient in execution. Therefore, before making a self-made induction fan. It is better to master programming skills first.