It is Imperative to Innovative Information Technologies

The current enterprises have always worked hard under the strong leadership of the party. It has established outstanding achievements for the development of the country. And it also has forged a series of enterprise spirit. In recent years, enterprises are closely strengthening the national strategic policy to innovative information technologies. They have optimized the key guarantee of scientific and technological innovation. And then they strive to give full play to the strategic supporting role of the state-owned economy. Finally, it will contribute positive forces to the realization of scientific and technological self-reliance.


1. Innovative Information Technologies with Strength

With the growth and expansion of China's science and technology, China's Aerospace Science and technology has been constantly improving. And China's Aerospace Science and technology can deal with risk challenges. It has been promoting the ability and level of practical work. It also focuses on tackling key core technologies and collaborative industrial development. Thus, innovative information technologies are delivering a wonderful aerospace "answer sheet". This answer sheet is in the process of achieving high-quality development of China's economy. " In response, the relevant person in charge said that China's Aerospace Science and technology development will inherit the red gene. What is more, China's Aerospace Science and technology will resolutely listen to and follow the party. Efforts should be made to promote the innovative information technologies. Items would be implemented for the development strategy of strengthening enterprises with talents. So make a large number of scientific and technological leading talents stand out is important for innovative information technologies.

It is Imperative to Innovative Information Technologies


2. Innovative Information Technologies to Tackle Key Problems

In recent years, enterprises are based on the reality of industrial development. They are focusing on the key technologies of industrial development. Finally, enterprises have maintained strategic determination and taken the initiative. We should formulate scientific and technological development plans. And we should grasp the development trends of scientific and technological frontiers. Such as artificial intelligence and quantum information, integrated circuits and biological breeding. It can accumulate technology for major national science and technology projects. Technology for major national projects will be also reserved.

3. Innovative Information Technologies to Improve the Efficiency of Enterprises

Effective allocation of resources is an important guarantee for the national strategic science and technology strength at any time. Only by gathering innovation resources through major projects can enterprises quickly improve their innovation benefits. Qian Yong is the director of the development planning department of Beijing civil aircraft technology research center of COMAC. He once said that the construction of National Engineering Center and State Key Laboratory should be taken as the starting point to fully integrate innovation resources. And scientific research backbones at all levels should be taken as the core to flow innovation resources, so as to improve the enterprise's innovation factor gathering ability and resource allocation ability as the main body of applied technology innovation, Only in this way can the enterprise's scientific and technological innovation benefit be significantly improved.

4、 Current Situation of Innovative Information Technologies

China has a national enterprise technology center, a National Engineering Research Center for heavy technical equipment. China also owns a national R&D Center for major energy equipment materials. A world-class casting and forging steel base is also owned by China. In recent years, China has been increasing investment in infrastructure. By the use of modular technology to build new data centers, it has improved the data processing capacity and efficiency. Since 2020, promote the transformation of achievements of central enterprises are real productive forces. Then innovative information technologies can accelerate the application and promotion of achievements. SASAC of the State Council has organized innovative information technologies achievements of central enterprises. SASAC has also formed the "Catalogue" through the collection and selection, expert evaluation, patent examination and other links. The recommended catalogue of scientific and technological innovation achievements of central enterprises (2020 Edition) is an important measure for central enterprises to implement the innovation driven development strategy and strive to achieve scientific and technological self-reliance. It is a landmark achievement for central enterprises to stick to use. And it is also a concrete practice to accelerate the construction of new development pattern. Innovative information technologies can maintain the security and stability of industrial chain supply chain. As long ago, the SASAC of the State Council said that China will establish a working mechanism. It can promote the application and promotion of innovative information technologies achievements. And it can also accelerate the iterative updating by promoting the wide application of innovative information technologies in central enterprises. The upstream and downstream of the industrial chain is also included. Innovative information technologies can continuously improve the reliability and market competitiveness of technological products. And then strive to better play the strategic support role of state-owned central enterprises in China's scientific and technological self-reliance.