Integrated stove that can use hi tech vapors

A thick layer of greasy dirt will stick to the surface of kitchen utensils after a long period of use. This is a problem for many people. At this time, if you do not take care of the kitchenware in time, it will affect the efficiency and effect of the later use of the kitchenware. The internal cleaning of integrated stoves has always been the focus of attention of many consumers. Due to the fine internal structure of the integrated stove, its cleaning method is different from the traditional range hood. Therefore, the quality of its cleaning system directly affects the service life and smoking effect. But with the birth of hi tech vapors cleaning methods, the cleaning of integrated stoves is instantly made more efficient and high-quality. So how does this hi tech vapor cleaning system work? And what advantages does it have compared with other cleaning methods? In fact, the answer is very simple!

1. The internal structure of the integrated smoke collecting cabinet

The integrated smoke cabinet usually uses 6C hard technology patents. No oil leakage due to automatic precision welding. The double-sided inclined design of the bottom cover can prevent oil accumulation. By pressing a button, you can start 70℃ SPA hi tech vapors cleaning. Intelligently clean all oily machine oil stains. It is safe and convenient and saves water and electricity. Therefore, it has the characteristics of high oil fume absorption rate, energy saving and environmental protection, ultra-quiet and intuitive display. By simplifying and integrating the internal structure, it greatly saves space, cost, and manpower operating procedures. Therefore, compared with traditional cooking appliances, the internal structure of the smoke collecting cabinet is more sophisticated and complicated. And its cleaning requirements are high.

2. High-tech modern cleaning process

The hi tech vapor cleaning method is to heat water into vapor and spray it out. High-temperature vapors can quickly dissolve the oil stains on the impeller. At the same time, with high temperature vapors injection, it also plays a physical cleaning effect on stubborn grease.

First, add 400 ml of purified water to the water injection port in the upper right corner.

And click the cleaning button, and then start the 70 ℃ SPA vapors cleaning.

Then wait 6 minutes and 30 seconds. The inside of the integrated wind cabinet and the wind wheel will continue to spray vapors during this period of time. And then quickly and efficiently dissolve the oil stains inside the fume collection cabinet and the wind turbine. Finally wait another 30 seconds. The wind wheel rotates at high speed for 30 seconds. It will air dry and collect water stains inside the smoke cabinet.

Due to gravity, the oil will flow into the oil box of the integrated stove along the oil guide hole at the bottom of the air cabinet. The entire cleaning process is clean and fast. The overall experience saves time and effort. Moreover, the damage to the internal structure of the integrated stove can be avoided to the greatest extent by the chemical cleaning. Therefore, hi tech vapors cleaning is more assured. 

3. soft and hard special cleaning fluid

The special cleaning fluid of hi tech vapors cleaning is welcomed by many business people. On the one hand, it is mainly used for 70℃ hi tech vapors washing. 70℃ can ensure the best decontamination temperature while not harming the motor. On the other hand, because of the special effect cleaning liquid. Whether it is new oil stains or old stains. They only need one wash to completely soften. The effect of melting oil and pollution is good. Washing the inside of the body is like a new life.

4. Fengtian's integrated stove

After years of research and development, this hi tech vapor integrated stove can maximize the original smoking advantages of the integrated stove. This is the icing on the cake for users to clean the kitchen space. At the same time, it also shines in the cleaning system. Its super firepower and first-class energy efficiency, flameout and air leakage protection, and even LED lighting, are all very stunning designs. Really consider customers. Redefining the new standard of integrated stove will bring users a brand-new kitchen life experience! If you also like such a hi tech vapor-cleaning integrated stove, just study and choose.