In the New Era, Keeping Pace with the Development of Global Tech Apps

The current global tech apps development speed is very fast. Especially in the high-tech aspect has shown the characteristics of rapid change. The history of a long time has fully proved that science and technology is the weapon of human beings to overcome nature and transform nature. It is also an important force to promote the development of social productivity. Global tech apps are leap in the history of human civilization. And it is a landmark victory for human to conquer nature and conquer itself. In the early days of primitive society and slave society, the casting of bronze ware and the use of iron made social wealth multiply. They could lead to the change of social form. In the 18th century, the wide application of steam engine technology made the industrial revolution enter a new stage. As a result, this phenomenon doubled the wealth of capitalist world. After the end of World War II, global tech apps were influenced by the third scientific and technological revolution. It greatly promoted the economic recovery of post-war capitalist countries and the substantial economic growth of socialist countries. And it also promoted the rapid increase of social wealth and the improvement of the root of people's lives. Therefore, the advantages of science and technology development are obvious. Under the current social background, we must pay more attention to the development of global tech apps level than ever before.


1、 Typical examples of current Global Tech Apps

(1) TV: TV is indispensable in life. We can use it to watch news or learn about things at home and abroad. You can use it to watch cartoons to relax. And you don't have to go to live shows or performances with TV.

(2) Computers: computers are widely used in all walks of life. It takes only a few    seconds for us to send a letter to the other party at home. We can chat or play games with friends all over the world on the Internet. And we can read news or watch movies and listen to music on the Internet. We can use the computer to listen to the teacher in class or find information. Stay at home shopping or medical treatment are also available.

(3) Modern transportation: cars, trains, planes have brought changes to our lives. It can be said that technology is closely related to us. Because of the advanced technology, our life can be more convenient and colorful.

Facts have proved that development of modern global tech apps are like an invisible chain. They can cover social development and human life.



2、 Big Data in Global Tech Apps

At present, big data and the latest scientific and technological progress are opening the prelude of the new century with irresistible momentum. The development of big data declares that the 21st century is an era of independent development of human beings. The development of big data is also an era in which the so-called God's will is not transferred and the God is unemployed. Big data technology has already penetrated into our daily life. It not only provides bizarre all media and elusive cloud computing, but also provides an irresistible simulation environment. Big data relies on ubiquitous sensors. And people can not only know their health status outside the hospital through big data technology. It can also give people practical energy-saving reminders by collecting energy consumption data of ordinary families. At the same time, it can make through the data collection and processing of urban traffic. Then we can realize the optimization of urban traffic. In the era of big data, human brain information may be converted into computer information. Scientists can also simulate the human brain through various ways. And they can decrypt the human brain activities. As a result, they can use computers to send commands instead of the human brain. Just as today people can download the necessary knowledge and skills from the computer. In the future, the information in the human brain can be directly converted into pictures and words in the computer.

3、 Improving the application level of Global Tech Apps

An important step to improve global tech apps is to pay attention to education and cultivate talents. For the current society, the basis is to develop computer and network technology. While the basis is computer and its software technology. Having the ability of computer language and programming is the necessary survival skills. It is also necessary condition for countries to catch up with world's advanced level.