How to Charge Your Laptop without a Charger

Have you ever been in a situation where your laptop battery is about to die, and you don't have your charger with you? It’s frustrating, isn’t it? But what if we tell you that you can still charge your laptop without a charger? Yes, it’s possible. In this post, we’ll share eight smart ways on how to charge a laptop without a charger. Keep reading till the end; you’ll thank us later.

How to Charge Your Laptop without a Charger

8 Clever Ways to Charge Your Laptop without a Charger

Use a Universal Power Adapter

One of the easiest methods to charge your laptop without a charger is by using a universal power adapter. These adapters come with various connectors, making them compatible with most laptop brands. You need to set the voltage to match your laptop's voltage, and you're good to go. However, be cautious when using universal adapters because they may not be grounded, and this could cause power fluctuations.

Use a USB-C Cable

Most modern laptops come with USB-C ports that can charge your laptop. All you need is a USB-C cable and your laptop's charger adapter. The adapter converts the voltage, and the cable allows you to charge via a USB-C port. However, this will only work with a compatible USB-C adapter.

Use a Power Bank

Power banks are a popular way to charge your phone, but did you know that they can also charge laptops? You need a power bank with at least 20,000mAh capacity for it to charge a laptop. Connect the power bank to your laptop via a USB-C or DC port with a compatible cable, and it will charge your laptop just fine.

How to Charge Your Laptop without a Charger

Use a Car Charger

If you're traveling by car, a car charger can come in handy to charge your laptop. You need to make sure to get a car charger that's compatible with your laptop. Connect the charger to the car's cigarette lighter slot and connect it to your laptop with a compatible cable. However, be cautious when using a car charger because it can lead to voltage fluctuations.

Use Solar Chargers

If you're traveling or camping outdoors or somewhere with no electrical outlets, a solar charger can come in handy to charge your laptop. Solar chargers use solar panels to convert sunlight into electrical energy that can charge your laptop. However, these are usually slower than regular chargers and require a lot of sunlight exposure.

Use a Hand Crank Generator

If you're in a situation where you have no access to electrical outlets, a hand crank generator can save the day. These devices are portable and generate energy by cranking a handle. However, they require manual labor to operate, and you may not generate enough energy to charge your laptop completely.

Use a DC to AC Inverter

A DC-to-AC inverter is a device that converts direct current (DC) to alternating current (AC) and makes it possible to charge your laptop from your car battery. All you need to do is connect your laptop charger adapter to the DC plug port of the inverter, which is then connected to a 12V DC car battery.

Use Your Friend's Laptop Charger

If you're in a pinch with no charger in sight, use a different charger for a similar laptop, preferably from your friend. Borrowing a charger from someone else who owns the same model and brand of the laptop can work in a pinch. However, make sure to use a charger from a trustworthy source because using the wrong charger can damage the laptop's battery or lead to a power spike.


There are several ways to charge your laptop without a charger, and we hope these eight methods will come in handy when in an emergency. However, be cautious and take safety precautions when using these methods to charge your laptop. Remember, the primary goal is to charge your laptop safely and without damaging any of its components.