How About the Volta Vacuum Cleaners?

How about the Volta vacuum? It's a question many people want to ask. Science and technology revolution have brought convenience to people, especially the appearance of intelligent household appliances, which has made housework easier. Now every family has a usable household vacuum cleaner. In recent years, the air quality is worrying, it is urgent to buy a good vacuum cleaner. To obtain the effective dust removal effect, we must choose the quality of the product.

How to use the Volta vacuum cleaners?

What is a Volta vacuum cleaner? As the term suggests, through the high-speed rotation of the engine inside the internal and external pressure difference, so that the outside air dust into the interior, and then to separate dust and gas. And by looking at how it works, we can figure out how to use it. The Volta vacuum cleaner is as simple as using the right suction head, turning the switch on directly and facing the area to be cleaned. But there are always exceptions, so we have to read the user's manual before using it.

History of the Volta Vacuum cleaners

In 1901, Hubert Cecil Booth, an Englishman, invented the first vacuum cleaner to use the same device as the modern vacuum cleaner. Booth was inspired by Thurman's demonstration of the machine at the Empire Hall in London, and he almost immediately had an idea and tried it. He put his handkerchief on the dining-room chair, put his hand on it, and breathed in the air. When he saw that dust had gathered on the handkerchief, he knew his idea was valuable. His vacuum has an internal-combustion engine that powers a piston pump that filters air through a press cloth, and the whole machine is pulled by a horse called Pombili. But it was too big to get into houses, so pipes had to be used to insert the Windows. His next model was powered by electricity but was too bulky for a single occupant, so it was used as a cleaning service or installed in the building itself.

The development of the Volta vacuum cleaners

With the rapid development of The Times, the industrial vacuum cleaners in 2020 is very different from that in 1901. At present, there are many kinds of Volta vacuum cleaners, which has been widely used in explosion-proof industrial. Vacuum cleaner is suitable for the situation  with flammable and explosive dust, gas, liquid and so on, it can collect all kinds of materials (such as: petrochemical factory, magnesium products factory, paint factory, pharmaceutical factory and other occasions with explosion-proof requirements).With strong suction, it can work continuously for several days without stopping. Vacuum cleaner is through the high-speed rotating motor, in the host to form a vacuum, the use of the resulting high-speed airflow, from the suction port inhalation of garbage. At this point, the speed of the air is up to 240 revolutions per hour. When insects enter the main engine, they will die.

The principle of Volta vacuum cleaners

The blower impeller of Volta vacuum cleaner is driven by a high-speed motor. The air in the impeller is extracted from the high-speed fan by the vacuum cleaner, and the inhaled part of the air is continuously added to the blower, which can produce greater pressure difference with the outside. The dust and dirt at the suction nozzle are inhaled together with the air of the suction part, and the dust and dirt are collected into the dust cylinder through the air leakage device.

The original of Volta vacuum cleaner

All Volta vacuums come with assembly brush heads for cleaning floors and carpets. It also clean corners, curtains, sofas and cracks. All vacuums are equipped with hard ducts for connecting hoses and cleaning accessories. The electric brush is the cleaning head of the internal vacuum cleaner and is a special accessory of the hybrid vacuum cleaner. The round brush head, also called the small suction cup, can rotate 360 degrees, and is very useful in cleaning furniture, fine mesh cloth and so on. Flat nozzles are long and thin that are especially suitable for cleaning wall edges, radiant heating pads, corners and narrow shallow areas. The dust brush is made of long, thin, soft hair, which is suitable for cleaning curtains, walls, etc.

Cautions of Volta vacuum cleaner

When using a vacuum cleaner, not to block the inlet, otherwise it will lead to overload of the motor and damage the motor. Meanwhile, be careful with the filter bag to prevent dust from entering the engine room. Do not use vacuum cleaner inhalation cement, gypsum powder, wall powder and other small particles, otherwise it will produce dirt, engine burns and other failures. When cleaning the vacuum cleaner, you can use a wet cloth containing water or a neutral cleaner, do not use gasoline, banana water, etc., otherwise the casing will crack or discolor. Do not use vacuum cleaner to inhale detergent, coal, oil, glass, needles, ash, water, wet dust, sewer, matches and other articles.