holoflex keyboard

With the development of technology, keyboards have begun to diversify. From the very beginning of mechanical keyboards, an independent market for keyboards was gradually derived. There are membrane keyboards, electrostatic capacitive keyboards, and mechanical keyboards. They all act as input devices during the use of computers or mobile phones. Researchers of haptics in electronic devices hope to improve the user interface. So that users can prefer virtual buttons instead of touching physical objects in the future. After years of research, they have developed a satisfactory flexible bendable keyboard. The holoflex keyboard is suitable for different occasions. It will allow you to operate more smoothly when you work and play games, and the technology can be used more. It will let you use the keyboard for a long time without feeling too tired, and work efficiency will be improved.

The holoflex keyboard is a flexible keyboard. Flexible membrane keyboard is a typical form of holoflex keyboard. The mask layer, isolation layer, and circuit layer of the holoflex keyboard are all composed of software films with different properties. The circuit layer of the flexible holoflex keyboard uses PET with good electrical performance as the carrier of the switch circuit pattern. Therefore, the holoflex keyboard has good insulation, heat resistance, bending resistance and resilience. The graphics of the switch circuit, including the switch connection and its lead wires, are printed with low resistance, conductive paint cured under low temperature conditions. Therefore, the composition of the entire holoflex keyboard has a certain degree of flexibility. It is not only suitable for use on flat bodies, but also can be matched with curved bodies. Holoflex keyboard leads are integrated with the switch body itself. When making the online group switch, gather it in a certain place of holoflex and extend it outwards according to the designated position and standard line distance of the design. As a flexible, arbitrarily bendable and sealed lead wire, it is connected to the rear circuit of the complete machine.

1. Unique materials make the user experience better

Flexible and bendable keyboards are not uncommon at present, but their quality varies. In order to give users direct and straightforward feedback, the holoflex keyboard uses a unique membrane structure design. The outer material is a special polymer, which generates vibration when the button is pressed. This simulates the force feedback experience of a normal keyboard. Because a polymer that can change shape according to the applied electric field has been developed. So it is flexible and bendable.

2. Novel appearance, suitable for a wide range of occasions

The holoflex keyboard is full of technology. It uses flexible glass as a whole, and the keyboard is connected to the screen. The connecting part can be bent. Users can adjust the radian as needed. Moreover, the holoflex keyboard can be completely folded in half, making it convenient for users to travel with them. It can be carried around without taking up space.

3. Excellent technology and wide application range

This ultra-thin keyboard is only 1.5 mm thick. It uses a unique thin film structure design. The outer material is a special polymer. When an electric field is applied, it changes shape drastically and rapidly. The keys on the keyboard will vibrate to confirm the user's input, simulating the force feedback of an ordinary keyboard. Holoflex keyboard, suitable for "desktop computer". It can also be used on iPhone, iPad and other devices. According to current technology, this polymer is flexible and transparent. It can also be used in wearable electronics, touch screens and other fields. It is a new product with a sense of future technology.

The curved keyboard adopts an ergonomic setting. It is comfortable to use, comfortable to fingers, and smooth keyboard. Fully sealed design is adopted in the process. This can prevent all kinds of debris from entering the keyboard and facilitate cleaning. At a time when the people's safety awareness is strong, the holoflex keyboard can be disinfected and cleaned with disinfectant spray. Can prevent infection of the virus. It has ideal waterproof performance. When working, it can prevent liquid from being poured on the keyboard accidentally, causing damage to the internal circuit of the keyboard. It can also be used in humid environments or even submerged in water. Its unique silent design allows you to work late at night without affecting others. The holoflex keyboard streamlines the layout and retains the full keyboard functions. And it has made innovations in technology and functions to make the keyboard more durable.