FaZe Swagg unveils new buffed DMR Warzone loadout

Warzone has largely been dominated by a group of guns, which is why weapons like the Fennec have easily been forgotten about. Yet, this incarnation of the Vector is actually quite powerful, so we’ve created the best Warzone Fennec loadout.

The Call of Duty battle royale has seen various SMGs and Assault Rifles reign supreme over the meta, such as the Mac-10 and Kilo 141 . However, there are some hidden gems when it comes to weapons in Warzone that can excel when built to maximize their strengths.

One of these hidden gems is the Fennec SMG that is the “the fastest killing SMG,”according to popular streamer NICKMERCs. Here are the attachments and perks you need to use to make the best Warzone Fennec loadout in Season 4.

is built for immense speed. Considering the recoil is a tad more ferocious with an SMG, aiming down your sight quicker might counteract any missed shots.

Read more: Warzone players want to see the secret RAAL LMG return in Season 4 For Stock, we’ve removed it altogether with the No Stock attachment as some minor recoil increases are gladly compensated for with snappier ADS time. Our Underbarrel selection is the fairly common Merc Foregrip as the  dditional hip-fire accuracy allows the Fennec to be unreal in close-quarters. Finally, we’ve gone for the popular 40 Round Drum Mags for Ammunition to give us a bit more comfort with extra bullets in a 1v1.

Amped You will want to maximize your mobility if you wish to use this SMG to its fullest potential, which is why Double Time is an excellent choice for your first perk. It will allow you to run faster for longer and help you close the gap against your enemies.

There are plenty of times you will be faced with a long-range engagement in a match, so you’ll want to use Overkill to have a sniper or assault rifle with your Fennec. You can then acquire Ghost from your second loadout drop to avoid showing up on enemy UAVs and Heartbeat Sensors.