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If you have ever tried to convert units in your head, you already know that it’s a difficult task to perform on the spot. Thankfully, with the advancements in today’s technology, you have a powerful tool in the iPhone that can do the hard work for you. There are hundreds of different units that you may need to convert, so it is best to have a variety of tools in your arsenal. These ten apps are among the best available for converting a wide range of units, so you don’t have to.


You can convert units in all the usual ways you would expect with Convertbot – length, currency, mass and time. However, it’s the feature that you’re not expecting that makes this clever app a must have. Convertbot allows you to convert mixed units, which means you don’t have to figure out the raw numbers on your own. There are also over 400 different unit types supported, making this $1.99 app well worth the money spent.

Units – Free Unit Converter

As the name suggests, this is a free unit converting app. There are over 800 unit types to choose from, as well as a ruler for measuring on the go. Units has a built in currency converter, which automatically updates each day to reflect real-time exchange rates. The

app also

allows you to hide unit types that you don’t need, so that the interface is a quick and clean reference for conversions.


This app converts units in speed, volume, power, data and much more. Convert!!! is designed for real world applications, which is why the developers have included an intuitive tip calculator that works for both individuals and groups. The app uses a simple input-output interface, and is free to download from the App store.

Convert Units for Free – #1 Unit Conversion App

As free apps go, Convert Units for Free has received some excellent reviews. You can create your own custom conversions, a feature that the developers boast is unique to this app. Convert Units for Free has been downloaded over 12 million times from the App store, which is perhaps a testament to the ease by which the user can convert angles, area, currency, data and much more.

XE Currency

If it’s currency conversions you are looking for, you won’t go wrong with XE Currency. The app provides conversions for every world currency, including current rates for precious metals. What’s more, XE Currency will match rates for nearby stores, so that you can buy and sell at the best price. If you’re not convinced that you’re getting a good rate, you can also cross reference historical rates’ charts with this free app.

Converter Plus

Using this unit converter, you can calculate anything from your mortgage rates to your fuel consumption. Converter Plus allows you, the user, to add your own calculators, making this one of the most versatile free conversion apps on the iTunes store. The app also supports compound units, such as pounds and ounces or feet and inches.

GlobeConvert – Currency & Units Converter

With GlobeConvert you can you easily set up your favorite conversion types, which creates an easily accessible list of the tools that you most commonly use. The paid, ad-free version of the app is $0.99, however, there is also a free version that runs with ads. There are over 80 available units, sorted into familiar categories for quick reference.

Convert Everything FREE

Although strictly speaking, words are not your typical measurable units, they can be converted. This free app converts over 80 units, more than 150 currencies – and also translates over 50 languages via Google Translate. The interface is skinnable, too, so you can customize the app to look exactly how you want.

Cute Free Calculator – Tip, Tax, Convert Units

This simple and free app allows you to calculate tips, tax and convert standard units on one easy to use interface. The main appeal of Cute Free Calculator, however, is the beautiful design incorporated into each input screen. Some of the unit conversions included are currency, length, area and temperature.

World Clock–Time Zones

If you are an international jet-setter or need to know the time in multiple time zones, your iPhone toolbox is not complete unless you have the World Clock–Time Zones app. This app is free from the App store, and has a number of features that are ideal for keeping track of time, where ever you are. Choose from analog, digital or text display, and organize your most used clocks to quickly find out the time across multiple time zones. The app automatically updates the time for all clocks by referencing up-to-date data from timeanddate.com.


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