Dragon Goes House-Hunting: Letty Finds Family In a Very Unlikely Place

Warning: This article contains spoilers for Dragon Goes House-Hunting, Episode 7, A Home for Fighting, now streaming on Funimation.


Episode 6 of Dragon Goes House-Hunting ended on a cliffhanger, with Letty and Pip kidnapped by humans. It seemed that the world of humans and fantasy creatures still had a lot of unresolved animosities, but Episode 6 shows that even in a dire environment where humans and creatures are pitted against each other, friendships can still form with enough care.


Letty and Pip are taken to a dark, prison-like environment at the beginning of the episode and, Letty being Letty, feels hes already doomed and tries to let Pip escape alone, but Pip refuses to leave. Lettys desperate attempt to escape attracts the attention of an Orobas -- a horse-human hybrid from Greek mythology -- named Steve.


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Steve shows Letty that the cell door isnt even locked, and hes free to roam around. He introduces Letty and Pip to other prison-mates, including a kobold, three skeleton brothers and a female Sphinx. They are all technically captured, but they live happy and satisfying lives and have no intention of escaping. That's because this place is actually a fighting arena built by a human named Margrave. The creatures perform scripted fights to make money, and in exchange, they are treated very well.


The prisonis more like a resort -- there's a huge bath, a gym and even a theater for entertainment. The creatures are free to decorate their own rooms and the prison guards even protect them from the occasional Hero invasion. At first, Letty thought this was all a ploy to keep the creatures from escaping, but he soon learns why this is the best life he could hope for.


The creatures still have to work to earn all the benefits, and Letty is soon summoned to his first fight. His opponents are the three skeleton bros, they play-act a fight and Letty wins easily. Its a bit like WWE in a fantasy setting, Letty feigns a real fight but never actually hurt anyone, and he quickly becomes the main attraction because dragons are so rare. The other prisoners and guards help to babysit Pip while Letty goes to fights, a guard even orders fresh snow for Pips meals. All things considered, this is probably the perfect job for Letty.


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But the happy prison life doesnt last long. The elderly Margrave dies soon after Letty arrives and his son is taking over the whole operation. But the son has no interest in continuing operating the arena, thinking its inhumane. Instead, he decides to kill all the fantasy creatures to prevent them from seeking revenge and hires a group of mercenaries to do the deed.


The creatures know its time to escape, and all the prison guards are on their side, since they make a cut from the fake fights too. The escape plan involves Letty acting as a decoy in a cardboard box, which is surprisingly effective. Unfortunately, the mercenaries eventually catch up to the decoy team, but Dearia arrives just in time to save the day. Dearia didn't actually come for Letty, but when he heard about the potential massacre of non-human creatures, as the Dark Lord he was obligated to intervene.


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The human guards "liberate" all the supplies from the arena and decide to form a travelling circus with all the fantasy creatures. Humans are often portrayed as dumb and selfish in this series and on the opposing side of the fantasy creatures, so it is refreshing to see humans and non-humans co-existing peacefully like friends.


After seeing the heartwarming relationship between humans and non-humans, Letty realizes that family is just a group of people that can happily live together and care for each other, they dont have to be related or even be the same species. So he decides to continue on his journey to find his ideal home where he can live happily with his own family.

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