Application of Liquid Nylon

Although there are many types of coatings available on the market at present. But demanding jobs require high-end coating products. There is a key coating product that can meet many requirements. That is, liquid nylon coating. Liquid nylon coating can be used in the following industries.

1.       Liquid Nylon for Aeronautics and Astronautics

The space shuttle presented two unusual challenges to coating engineers. First of all, manufacturers must abide by the strict laws and regulations of government. Secondly, the aircraft contains advanced avionics. As well as radio, radar, GPS and some aircraft telex control systems. If an aircraft is struck by lightning, current can cause damage to avionics. But liquid nylon coating can effectively prevent this charge.

2.       Liquid Nylon used in Automobiles.

Liquid nylon coating is an ideal coating for automobile chassis. Especially for deicing vehicles operating regularly on roads with water and high corrosion.

3.       Liquid Nylon for Construction Products

Liquid nylon coatings are sometimes suitable for use in the construction industry. Such as stainless-steel building materials are used to make stair railings. There are three ways to apply the coating: using a brush is the most common. Because it is the easiest to used on many finished products. The rarest method is to soak the part in the coating. But this is the least desirable. After the part can be removed from the coating tank. Due to gravity, the paint will form a thick coating. Sometimes a paint sprayer is used because it can spray a more uniform appearance. But it is not common. The main purpose of adding the coating is to protect the part. And the appearance of the part after coating does not affect its use.

In the first painting, the thickness is equivalent to a paper. An additional coating can be added when the front layer of paint is dry. After 72 hours of curing time, the coating becomes thin. And it will be transparent and look like a piece of glass.


4.       Liquid Nylon Coating for Aircraft

As mentioned earlier, the aircraft contains extremely complex avionics. The current struck by lightning can be transmitted throughout the aircraft. While the equipment will be damaged.

Even small pinholes provide a conduction pathway. Aircraft manufacturers will paint liquid nylon coatings on about 200 positions on the plane. Each of it is small, and they will be painted when the plane's skin is installed. This type of application cannot be sprayed. In addition, not all parts are coated during the production stage of the aircraft. Some will be assembled before painting and then installed on the plane. For example, harness assemblies, this series of wires are covered with a protective wire. Wire harnesses are usually produced separately rather than with airplanes. And a set of wires is tied up by a belt. In this case, the liquid nylon coating is used to protect the strapped protective sleeve. Generally speaking, this wiring area is in the non-visual area of the cabin. The role of liquid nylon coating is to eliminate pinholes and other corrosion factors. And it has been used in many industries.