Azza's Overdrive PC case looks like it has more horsepower than a hybrid

From pyramids to suspended cube designs, you’ve really got to hand it to Azza for thinking creatively when it comes to PC cases. The latest reveal from the company is appropriately called the Overdrive, which is a PC case Azza designed to look like

an engine

. Specifically of the six cylinder variety. It sounds a bit wild in theory, but once you lay eyes on this thing, the design really is quite ingenious.

There is no doubt that this beast was inspired by racing enthusiasts, and it’s certainly not for the casual PC builder. Even upon first glance, it’s easy to see that the Overdrive has its own configuration going on. There’s nothing else quite like it.

The outside features a massive 200mm fan that resembles a crankshaft cover. Each side of the case features additional brackets for three 120mm fans to be mounted horizontally and resemble cylinders. A 360mm radiator is also an option, which would provide all the liquid cooling you could ever need for your CPU or GPU. It’s no surprise that the product premier video also shows a custom loop liquid cooling solution.

Lamborghini doors

When it comes to working on this thing, the doors lift right up, though actually more akin to the DMC DeLorean. We’re talking about

Back to the Future

, and that’s fitting, because this case seems like it came from the future.

We’re not going to get too bogged down in the details, but this is an E-ATX case and has space for pretty much whatever you’d want to put in it in terms of storage, PSUs, motherboards, and such. With that said, you’d still want to do some verifying before you try to take on building in one of these.

The IO looks very handy to use and should meet the needs of most.

This is certainly a cool showpiece case, but it’s frankly not something most people will want to spring for. Anyone that has kids or dust issues can quickly see how the exposed parts and open design present concerns. This thing is also 33 pounds, and isn’t the least bit portable, exposed fans aside. Still, if you’re looking for a case to build the ultimate


PC, the Azza Overdrive seems like a top contender.

As for pricing and availability, we’re still waiting on details. The Azza Overdrive launches this April.

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