How to Make Your Phone’s Battery Life Lasts Longer?

Why Is There a Need to Charge Your Phone?

Smartphones are now part of our regular system. We use it for work, education, and recreation, and we can't dispute that owning one these days is a necessary tool in our lives. Lots of activities are taking place on your phone as a result of its convenient and portable accessibility.

The problem is that it will not endure a lifetime. There are several types of batteries that must be used to operate a smartphone, and the device has a limited length of time before it enters a "low battery" mode. When your gadget's battery is fully depleted, you'll almost certainly need to recharge the device.

Too much battery drain might cause your phone to slow down or even get broken.  Having a healthy battery lifespan will make your smartphone live longer. If you keep on neglecting your drained phone, chances are, you need to purchase one every now and then. Keeping it healthy is the best option to save money for the necessity.


Correct Ways to Charge Your Phone

In this article, you will know the basics of how to charge your phones correctly.

1. Get A Well-Ventilated Area to Charge.

Remember to charge your phone in a well-ventilated place. Bear in mind that it does not need to be running at 100 percent all of the time. A permanent outlet is a big problem for people who have an active lifestyle and travel more often. With this, you need to consider investing in a power adapter, portable charger, or even wireless charging device. Mobile gadgets can recharge smartphones considerably more quickly than standard chargers.

2. Do Not Charge Your Phone Overnight

Some might be tired from a long day activity that they tend to charge their phones and leave them overnight. However, it is a big nay nay. The thing is, if you want to charge your phone correctly, you need to know that charging it overnight will probably be at a 100 percent rate and remain there for several hours. These long charging hours can cause the battery to age more quickly. According to some studies, lithium-ion battery packs slowly age when they reach about 30% to 50% of their original battery capacity. As a result, consider having it half-charged to prolong its life.

3. Avoid Overheating Your Phones

When you feel like your battery is draining and your phone starts overheating, stop using it. You should maintain temperatures within 32- and 95-degrees Fahrenheit while in operation. Do not place your charging phone in direct sunlight. Also, it better get it from its case to let it cool down.

4. Use the Original Charger for Your Phone

We sometimes neglect the authenticity of our charges, but then, using our phones' original charger helps it have a longer life span. For example, you cannot use the charger of Honor 50 to an iPhone 7 and vice versa.

Using a charger that does not complement the original repeatedly will impact the battery's performance, ability to hold a charge, and overall life.

5. Unplug Your Phones When Fully Charged

Bad habits will surely damage your phone. If you see your phone at its 100 percent rate, unplug your charger right away. Over time, keeping your phone connected to the charger after fully charged is hazardous to the battery's performance.  The battery stays in a high-tension state, which breaks out the mechanism and might result in the battery losing its ability to charge fully.

6. Buy a Phone with Long battery life

The larger the battery capacity, the fewer times you need to charge, and since the charging time will influence the battery life, so theoretically the less charging time the better. It is better to choose a phone with more than 4000 mAh battery. For example, Honor 50 battery life is 4300 mAh (up to 12 hours usage), while Blackberry Aurora is 3000 mAh (6-8 hours usage), so in terms of charging times, a 4,000mAh phone will charge a lot less than a 3,000mAh phone,which means the phone with larger battery capacity has longer battery life. Besides, it is not to charge the battery after running out of power, it will also affect the battery life to a certain extent.   

Bottom Line

By following the ways mentioned above on how you should charge your phones properly, you can guarantee to have healthy battery life. Also, it is necessary to take good care of our gadgets and follow safety precautions to avoid big problems in the long run. After all, we unquestionably need our phones every day, and it is pretty expensive to buy from time to time.