Honor Watch ES : What Makes It So Special?

Honor Watch ES : What Makes It So Special?

It’s easy to feel compelled to acquire a Smartwatch if you see others wearing them every day. The majority of expensive smartwatches have features that most people don’t need, and the inexpensive ones don’t always include many functions. However, there is Honor Watch ES, which packs an amazing number of features for a very affordable price. Honor Watch ES is not just a regular Smartwatch; it has additional features that are really worth your attention.

Incredible Features of Honor Watch ES


The Honor watch ES weighs 21 grams without the strap. The band adds roughly 34 grams to the total weight. Many other watches are rather hefty and difficult on your wrist when compared to the Honor watch ES.


The thinnest portion of this watch is 10.7mm thick, according to the manufacturer. It’s 30mm wide.


Honor Watch ES has a 1.64” AMOLED display. The glass screen is constructed of 2.5D technology. It has a 70 percent screen-to-body ratio, which contributes to its stylish appearance and makes it more user-friendly. A smooth and sensitive touch screen is included in the device.

The screen has a resolution of 456 x 280 and 326 PPI. The display brightness is automatically adjusted depending on the lighting conditions, allowing it to function both indoors and outside in the sun. All of this combines to provide convincing and exciting expertise that everyone may enjoy.


How can you overlook the battery life and duration of a smartwatch? One of Honor Watch ES’ most distinctive features is its long-lasting battery. It may stay awake for 10 days!

It has a proprietary charging system that allows you to charge other smartwatches wirelessly. Not only that, its fast charging capability is invaluable. You may charge your smartwatch up to 70% in half an hour and fully recharge it in 100 minutes.

Removable straps

Do you want to alter the straps depending upon your outfit? It’s useful with the Honor Watch ES since it allows you to change the straps at any time.

5ATM Water Resistance

The Honor Watch ES is water-resistant. For ten minutes, they are immune to a depth of 50 meters of water. You may easily swim in a pool while wearing it.

Watch Faces

It’s simple to personalize the watch face by selecting the information you wish to see on your always-on display. You may also change the design and color of the watch face.

Different workout modes

The Honor Watch ES has 95 different workout modes, including 10 professional training styles such as running, walking, swimming, and others. 85 additional personalized workouts are also available. It functions as a personal trainer and provides high-end fitness monitoring.

Animated Fitness courses

Honor Watch ES is much more than a smartwatch! This smartwatch can replace you if you are too busy to go to the gym or are simply an introvert. Its 12 animated workout programs can virtually compensate for your lack of exercise.

Heart-Rate monitoring

The Truseen 4.0 heart rate monitor is equipped with the most up-to-date technology to guarantee your cardiac health 24 hours a day, seven days a week. It generates highly precise readings and displays if there is an abnormality using an enhanced monitoring algorithm.

SpO2 Monitoring

If you have an Honor Watch ES, you don’t need an oximeter since it also monitors oxygen saturation in your blood. During and without exercise, it keeps tabs on your respiratory health.

Stress and Sleep tracking:

It provides breathing exercises to help you manage everyday stress due to its TrueSleep technology. The TrueSleep technology on Honor Watch ES, which focuses on scientific sleep phases and breathing analysis, aids in accurate sleeping monitoring.


The Honor Watch ES is a great value for its cost. It offers an amazing range of features, including long battery life, a water-resistant design, interchangeable straps, and animated fitness courses. Whether you are looking for a smart watch for android to improve your fitness or just want one that looks good, the Honor Watch ES is an excellent option.